CareerBuilder to Use Google's Machine Learning Capabilities for Faster Job Search

Jennifer Grasz

CareerBuilder announces collaboration with plans to use Google’s machine learning capabilities to make job search faster and easier

For more than 20 years, CareerBuilder has driven innovation in the human capital space by building sophisticated technology from the ground up and collaborating with others. Today, CareerBuilder is excited to announce that we plan to use Google Cloud Jobs API, the latest cloud-based machine learning API offered by Google Cloud Platform, to help job seekers connect with the right employers faster than ever before.

How is CareerBuilder working with Google?

Equipped with deep knowledge in recruitment and human capital management, CareerBuilder is leveraging the scale of Google’s expertise in machine learning to provide swifter, more relevant results for workers looking for jobs. Right now, this is taking place in a test environment with the intention of taking it into production in the future.

What do early results show?

We’re pleased with the results we’ve seen so far. For example, in one test, CareerBuilder chose a top 100 search term – “part time” – and saw that the Google Cloud Jobs API delivered enhanced results by applying an expanded set of synonyms including “PT.” In another test, the API was able to shrink and refine results for a specialized health care occupation to increase accuracy. Tapping into the unique strengths of Google and CareerBuilder is helping to reduce complexities inherent in getting qualified talent in front of employers quickly.

What does this ultimately mean for CareerBuilder and our clients?

CareerBuilder’s CEO, Matt Ferguson, put it best this morning when he said: "CareerBuilder will be able to layer our rich domain expertise over Google’s machine learning capabilities, opening the door to new efficiencies and opportunities for our business, clients and users. Working with Google will give us the backend framework for search that we can leverage as we accelerate our transition into a global HR software as a service provider and build our ecosystem.”

What other innovations has CareerBuilder been working on?

Collaborating with Google is the latest in a series of investments CareerBuilder has made in enhancing our site. Focused on speed, accuracy, ease of use, comprehensiveness and freshness of results, CareerBuilder has created a highly transparent and intuitive job search experience. Almost 70 percent of the job applications on our site come through our job recommendation engine.

Key enhancements include:

  • Users have a personalized home page based on their job browsing and apply history.
  • Registered job seekers can see which employers are looking at their resume and which search terms employers are using to find them, so they can fine-tune their communications.
  • Registered users can determine how likely an employer will be to respond to them by seeing how many other people have already applied for a position and seeing aggregated data on other candidates’ education and experience. Users can instantly view this information on every job posting and then receive more in-depth insights once they have applied.
  • CareerBuilder launched a new Semantic Library to recommend similar job search queries to job seekers to get them in front of jobs they might not have otherwise seen.
  • CareerBuilder released a major update to its Android and IOS job search apps to provide a more effective mobile job search experience – both have four-star ratings.
  • CareerBuilder launched an Explore Careers section, which provides salary information for thousands of jobs using candidate, employer and government data sources.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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