“Every employee is encouraged to share innovative ideas.”

Vu Doan, our Senior Customer Service Team Lead in Vietnam, has worked at CareerBuilder for four years, and shares his insights on what makes a great team.

Why did you decide to join CareerBuilder?  

I have been given the opportunity to work and “play” at CareerBuilder since coming from a different industry — my background is in engineering. I was impressed with the professional hiring process, a dynamic company led by a true leader surrounded by the brightest and most energetic teams. When I work here, I feel I am growing with the company every day and every employee here is encouraged to share innovative ideas as to how we can do things better and more efficiently. 

What motivates you to hop out of bed and go to work each day? 

We have all heard the saying, “Everyone has 24 hours in a day.” I would like to make every moment at CareerBuilder more meaningful by setting the goal, planning to achieve, and learning the new things to contribute to the development of the company. As a part of the customer service team, it is my responsibility to ensure our clients are always satisfied with our service. These are the things that keep me inspired throughout the day.

What is your proudest moment at CareerBuilder?  

I would have to say the moment I am most proud of is when my team and I successfully organized the big seminar, Hello to Hire 4.0, in which there were a series of updates on the latest HR trends that positively affect the recruitment strategies for our VIP clients. After the meeting, we received a lot of positive feedback from customers and being loyal with our service. We had never held a large seminar with such limited resources before this session. I am also highly valued by my top leader and since then he has confidence when entrusting me with other important projects. 

What three words would you use to describe CareerBuilder?  

Caring, challenging, growing.

What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received?  

If we think positively and maintain an upbeat attitude in all aspects of our work, it will keep us motivated and increase our overall productivity. 

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