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You might think that the more avenues customers have to reach a company, the better. While there is certainly truth to that idea, it can sometimes lead to a fragmented, inconsistent, and frustrating experience for customers. Go to one site to submit a support ticket, another to find a resource guide or training, and yet another to talk to other customers about how they use their recruiting tools—and that is assuming the company even offers all of these options.

When you use one of our solutions, we want you to have all the information you need, at your fingertips, on your schedule. That is why we are launching CareerBuilder Connect: a new, interactive online community where you, our customer, can get all of your questions answered in one place while connecting with other CareerBuilder users.

On CareerBuilder Connect, you can get your new products working for you in the Getting Started section. We now offer access to all of our on-demand training resources like webinars, demo videos and user guides in CareerBuilder University. The User Groups area offers a forum to interact with fellow customers by industry, role and CareerBuilder product so you can share tips, tricks and best practices. Search for quick answers to your technical or product questions in our Knowledge Base that houses hundreds of articles on our products and recruiting. If you cannot find what you’re looking for in any other part of CareerBuilder Connect, check out Help, which is a support portal for submitting issues or following the progress of an existing case you’ve submitted. With CareerBuilder Connect, we want to help you use our products better, train your teams more effectively, and know that you’re now a part of a community.

Now, you not only get access to CareerBuilder’s exclusive technology, you also have a community to support you from the outset of your partnership with us to empower employment.

Let the exploring begin by going to

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