15 Reasons We Literally Couldn’t Live Without HR

Amy McDonnell
In the spirit of Labor Day – a holiday dedicated to the labor movement that honors the social and economic achievements of American workers – we at CareerBuilder are taking the opportunity to thank those in human resources for all you do. You’re the people behind the people: The champions of labor. You make a tremendous impact not only on the workforce as a whole, but also on the lives of individuals and their families, by providing them with jobs. You’re the engine that drives the success of businesses everywhere and stocks them with the best talent. In short, businesses literally couldn’t run without you.

Here are 15 reasons we’re thankful for all of the amazing HR people in our lives:

  1. You make sure hiring managers are in touch with the right talent.

2. You know compliance laws inside and out.

  1. You practically bought us that treadmill desk.

  1. (That may have been a mistake.)

  1. You know what to do when someone crosses the line.

6. You listen to our problems.

7. Three words: Employee review time.

8. You make it rain, ALL THE TIME.

9. You save us from even the messiest situations.

10. You know how to conduct a killer interview…

11. And you know when to shut one down.

12. You make sure being the “new kid” doesn’t feel so lonely.

13. You understand that sometimes, cupcakes are the only right answer.

14. You practically wrote the employee handbook.

15. You fight for what’s right.


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