The RightSkill Recruiter Program in Collaboration with the ASA

December 6, 2016

RightSkill offers a new approach to talent development and acquisition by pairing real-time labor data with competency-based online learning and rigorous assessments to create a new supply of job-ready talent. The RightSkill recruiter program, developed in collaboration with the American Staffing Association, builds a verified talent pool for the staffing industry, changing the way firms find, hire, and train entry-level recruiters.

“The demand for staffing and recruiting services is growing at an accelerated pace, a trend that will continue into the foreseeable future with so many companies championing the need for more flexibility in how they staff their departments,”

said Kyle Braun, President of CareerBuilder’s Staffing and Recruiting group.

“The RightSkill program will help create a pool of job-ready candidates to fill recruiter roles to address expanding market demands.”

How it works:

The RightSkill team hand selects job seekers before enrolling them into the “Essentials of Recruiting for the Staffing Industry” learning experience, where they gain the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful entry-level recruiter. RightSkill candidates must pass four comprehensive assessments and be approved by a career coach in order to verify that they are job-ready.

The RightSkill recruiter program was developed with guidance from the American Staffing Association and its member companies to ensure that the learning experience included staffing career-focused content and that upon successful completion of the program, RightSkill candidates are prepared for entry-level recruiter roles in the staffing industry.

RightSkill has confidence in the job-readiness of each candidate and guarantees they will meet your expectations. After 60 days, should a candidate not work out, RightSkill will find someone new at no additional cost.

Contact your CareerBuilder representative or visit Rightskill to learn more and find the right candidate today.

*Please note that this program is specific for the Staffing Industry. Visit to learn about the other available programs

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