Career Pages Make It Easier for Job Seekers to Get Details on Your Industry

October 12, 2016

Job seekers are exhaustively researching salary, skills, education, experience and “day in the life” details of potential employers – and we’ve just made it easier than ever for them to find relevant information about your open job.

By the way, that’s really good news for you.

The more easily job seekers can find out what it’s like to work in the type of job you’re looking to fill, the more likely they are to apply to your position. The new Explore Careers section has 300 Career Pages listed by related industry, so job seekers can explore other industries they may not have known was a possibility.

Benefits to you include:


  • It’s simple for job seekers to find necessary skills, salary and education information about your job and organization.
  • These pages tell job seekers exactly what they need to know about expected pay by location, required skills and necessary experience: three factors which are extremely valuable to them in considering a career change.


  • With these pages, job seekers can sign up for job alerts of new jobs by title in their location to get matches right to their inbox (maximum of five alerts per person).
  • Job seekers can access your recent job postings directly from these pages, which recommends results based on the job seeker’s location.
  • It’s a fast, easy way for job seekers to stay informed of new jobs in their desired location.

Improved Job Seeker Experience.

  • Making it easier for job seekers to get the information they need quickly, easily and accurately saves them valuable time in the research phase of the application process.
  • Job seekers tell us they love the “day-in-the-life” details the Career Pages provide about various job roles, and that it’s helpful to them in their job search process.
  • Eighty-four percent of job seekers we’ve surveyed say our Career Pages are helpful to them in their job search, and we continue to innovate and improve the job seeker experience.

Take a tour: Explore the Career Pages to see what the job seeker experience is like.

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