Job and Neighborhood Collapse: Giving Candidates a Better Job Search Experience

September 27, 2016

When it comes to the job search, location matters and can be a deciding factor in whether a job seeker goes through with applying for a position. According to CareerBuilder’s 2016 Candidate Behavior study, candidates spend 65 percent of their time researching where the company is located, outside of the information listed in the job posting.

That’s why we created two features within job postings – Job Collapse and Neighborhood Collapse – to deliver more tailored, relevant results to job seekers, and in turn, deliver higher-quality candidates to employers.

Benefits of Job Collapse and Neighborhood Collapse

Job Collapse groups similar, relevant opportunities from a single company in the searched location based on job title and other relevant job information.

Example of the Job Collapse feature

Neighborhood Collapse – a specific type of Job Collapse – uses company-provided address information to create smaller collapse areas.

Example of the Neighborhood Collapse feature

Benefits include:

  • A customized experience: Within the Neighborhood Collapse feature, collapsed jobs are prioritized in order of distance to the job seeker, allowing them to view job openings that are closer to their home. So by providing an address with your job postings, you’re more quickly reaching candidates who are more likely to apply for your open positions because the jobs are close to their desired location.
  • More opportunities to explore: When jobs collapse, a job seeker can choose to expand the location to see the same job posted in additional locations from the same company. This allows them to easily explore similar roles at your company in one place and gives them a sense of how many other positions your company is recruiting for.
  • Better exposure for your jobs: Since Job Collapse and Neighborhood Collapse group similar positions from the same company together, this allows more companies to be displayed on each screen, increasing the likelihood that your company’s posting will be on the first job results page.

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