Boost The Effectiveness Of Targeted Email Campaigns with Job Boost

May 24, 2017

Increase candidate interest—and applications—while saving valuable time with Job Boost, CareerBuilder’s automated Recruitment Email product. Job Boost routinely delivers the highest click-through rates and expressions of interest for your job postings. The powerful AI engine does the targeting and the omni-channel approach reaches more candidates. Evidence shows that of the candidates that review the job posting, roughly 1 in 4 apply. With In-App Job Boost, clients can decide which job to boost, while Automated Job Boost promotes all jobs.

The following benefits set Job Boost apart as the easiest-to-use and most effective targeted email technology:

Eliminates the guesswork

You don’t need to manually enter targeting parameters or keyword search strings, or craft complex HTML code in the hopes that your emails will be opened and clicked on by the right candidates. Job Boost automatically sends targeted emails only to the right candidates who perfectly match the job description you create, saving you time and greatly increasing performance.

Targets motivated candidates

Job Boost targets job seekers who have proven to be active and engaged on CareerBuilder’s job board.

Increases engagement

Job Boost creates an optimized email template designed to invite job seeker interest and drive action. On average, 15 percent of email recipients click through to your job posting—a conversion rate six times higher than recruitment industry standards.

Optimized Application Path

Job Boost ensures that interested candidates find their way directly to your preferred application process. It knows whether to direct candidates to your CareerBuilder job posting, ATS or external career site.

Learn more about how Job Boost can help you recruit, and contact your CareerBuilder representative.

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