Just 17% of Employers Say Graduates Are Unprepared to Work

Matt Tarpey

The central reason many people go to college or university is to better prepare themselves to work in their chosen field. However, in recent years some employers have argued that college graduates are not adequately prepared to enter the workforce.


CareerBuilder’s annual survey on college graduate hiring shows that such concerns may be becoming less prevalent. According the survey, just 17 percent of employers said they don’t think educational institutions adequately prepared graduates – a drop from 24 percent last year.


What this means for you

Employers who are more satisfied with the quality of candidates they’re finding in more recent graduating classes are going to be more competitive in bringing them onboard. If you’re company is looking to hiring recent graduates, you may need to sweeten the deal in order to stay competitive.


However, if you’re still not quite happy with the candidates in this latest pool of college graduates, it may be worth taking a closer look at why and finding ways to help candidates improve. Organizing on the job training programs at your company around the biggest weaknesses you see in recent graduates can help you create the perfect candidates rather than wait for them.


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