62% of Employers Expect to Transition Holiday Hires to Full-Time Employees

Matt Tarpey

Adding seasonal headcount is something of a holiday tradition for many employers, and this year that tradition continues. According to CareerBuilder’s Q4 U.S. Job Forecast, 33 percent of employers plan to hire seasonal workers this year, right on par with last year.

While overall seasonal hiring rates may be holding steady, the study does indicate a major shift in how employers view seasonal workers. According to the study, of employers who are bringing on additional seasonal workers, 62 percent say they expect to hire some of their seasonal staff for full-time positions after the holidays.

What does this mean for you?

Transitioning temporary workers to full-time roles is not a trend exclusive to holiday hiring. According to a separate CareerBuilder study, of employers who planned on hiring temporary workers this year, 58 percent expected to transition some to full-time status.

This cautious approach to expanding headcount makes sense for many employers – particularly those facing the skills gap. By first hiring a worker in a temporary position, you can not only ensure they are a good fit with the team and the company culture, but you can also provide them with the on-the-job training necessary to fill a potentially higher-skill position.


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