CareerBuilder Continues to Advance AI and Machine Learning Technology with Textkernel

January 24, 2019 CareerBuilder

The CareerBuilder family got a little bigger – and, daresay, a little smarter – today with the acquisition of Textkernel, an international leader in artificial intelligence, machine learning and semantic technology.

The move is part of CareerBuilder’s mission to help employers find and hire the best talent more quickly. Textkernel’s powerful technology enables recruiters and employers to discover new sources of talent, get better matches for even the most difficult-to-fill positions and identify patterns in candidate skills, experience and job progression.

Job seekers will benefit too, as Textkernel’s innovative AI and machine learning technologies are suggesting more relevant job postings based on skills and experience and helping candidates build personalized mobile resumes in seconds.

"In our nearly 25 years of experience, we've learned that recruiters speak one language and candidates speak another. We are building and implementing technologies that close this gap for both sides of our marketplace, and improve every stage of the hiring process," said Irina Novoselsky, CEO of CareerBuilder. "The acquisition of Textkernel and deeper investment in AI is a part of our overarching strategy to create the most advanced solutions for our customers. And our combined data science, R&D and product development teams are already fast at work to create the next generation technology and tools that bring qualified candidates to jobs faster and easier, even in a tight employment market like the one we're in now."

Textkernel’s powerful semantic search technology has already been fully integrated into CareerBuilder’s award-winning Talent Discovery Platform, and will soon be built into all of CareerBuilder’s Hello To HireTM products.


Here’s how CareerBuilder’s Talent Discovery platform can reduce your time to hire by a week or more.

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