Did You Know? Our Labor Market Insights Cover Over 99% of the Workforce

August 22, 2016 Amy McDonnell

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For the month of August, we’re taking over Talent Factor to look more closely at CareerBuilder’s recent acquisitions — and how they’re making a big impact on your business in 2016 and beyond.

We’ve seen time and again how labor market data, when used to inform decision-making, can change lives and improve economies. It was a natural decision back in 2012, then, for CareerBuilder to join forces with Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI), an economic software firm that specializes in employment data and labor market analysis, to combine the companies’ strengths and passion for empowering employment. Emsi’s mission is to provide clients with a truly unique perspective on current and future employment trends, skills development and recruitment strategies — and actionable insights that cover over 99 percent of the workforce.

As CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson has said, “No one else in the industry can offer this breadth of information that can make recruitment faster, easier and more cost-effective.”

What this means for you

Competition for qualified talent remains at an all-time high, so your organization needs to be strategic when recruiting. To succeed, you must better understand the changing labor market, which will shape your organization for years to come. Having access to the most compelling data will enable you to more confidently make important recruitment decisions, target relevant candidates and fill critical positions faster.

The right data will help you:

  • Effectively communicate expectations with hiring managers.
  • Prioritize your recruiting strategy efforts.
  • Understand industry competition.
  • Recruit college graduates and diverse candidates.
  • Understand the workforce and its diversity.


Emsi Analytics for Talent Acquisition compiles employment and economic data from over 90 data sources into a web-based portal, designed to produce detailed reports in as little as three clicks of a mouse. Emsi Analytics for Talent Acquisition crafts the data into meaningful reports, charts, maps and graphs that tell a consistent story about the labor market (down to the ZIP code level).

Our data helps students find the right career, colleges offer the right programs, employers hire the right talent, and economic and workforce developers see their communities prosper. In total, our labor market dataset compiles nearly 100 sources, including U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Labor, and U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics.

Learn more about how Emsi Analyst for Talent Acquisition and Emsi Analyst for College Recruiting can help you start using data to make more knowledgeable recruitment decisions.


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