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Becoming A Sourcing Pro: Boolean Search Fundamentals

June 8, 2016

What is Boolean Search?
Boolean Search is a way to organize your search using a combination of keywords and the 3 main Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT), to produce more accurate and more relevant results for your candidate searches on LinkedIn and beyond.

Everyone wants to source candidates in their database faster and more effectively than ever before. Not everyone wants to study Boolean search strings for hours on end for their database queries. Nor should you! We’ve got a helpful cheat sheet to help you search for candidates like a Boolean pro in no time.

Even better, we break it down by industry. Whether you’re sourcing in IT, health care, engineering, light industrial or for truck drivers, we’ve got the Boolean search basics spelled out so you can do your candidate sourcing right.

Want even more Boolean? Check out our flyers for these specific industries & roles:

Retail/Customer Service

Entry Level

Light Industrial

Health Care







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