Waste less time recruiting in 2020

Matthew Tarpey

If improving time management is on your list of goals, here are some things you can do to save time recruiting in 2020.


Automate tasks

One of the best ways to stop wasting time on mundane or repetitive tasks is removing them from your schedule entirely. That’s not advice to avoid them, but rather to use today’s advanced HR technology to automate them.

According to a CareerBuilder study, 93 percent of employers who automated part of their talent acquisition and management process reported that doing so saved them time and increased efficiency. A wide variety of hiring tasks can be automated, like sending communications, scheduling interviews, searching third-party databases and archiving candidates, allowing you to stop wasting time and start focusing on the tasks that matter most.


Integrate your tools

When the programs and tools you frequently use don’t properly talk to each other, you inevitably waste time. Time wasters  like switching back and forth between two programs or browser windows, keeping track of multiple usernames and passwords, manually reformatting data from one tool so another will recognize the upload – may seem like minor inconveniences in the moment, but in the long run they can really add up. Make this the year you streamline your recruiting process by choosing tools that are designed to work together.


Waste not

Starting a new talent search from scratch every time you have an opening can be a huge waste of time. Instead of immediately looking for new candidates, why not get more use out of the ones you already have? Start building a talent network, where you can cultivate candidates who might not be right for the position they first applied for, but may be a fit for a future opening.


Let candidates come to you

Hunting for talent will always be a part of recruiting, but it’s hardly the most time-efficient method. This year, make the change from a talent hunter-gatherer to a talent farmer. Focus on building reliable talent pipelines that you can trust to supply you with a steady stream of candidates.


Look for quality, not quantity

Many talent sources will tout the huge numbers of candidates they can deliver to you, often leaving it up to you to sift through the haystack of resumes and applications looking for the most qualified needle. We tend to think that having more options to choose from is preferable, but research suggests otherwise. Rather than opting for sources that will provide the largest numbers, start focusing on those with high application-to-hire conversion rates.




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