How To Write a Powerful Job Posting

You gotta hand it to job postings. With all the new and increasingly sophisticated HR technology that’s around these days, designed to help recruiters find the right candidates faster, job postings are still as relevant as ever.    

Why? Because they are often the first point of contact a job seeker has with your company, so whatever you say in that job posting needs to count – especially in today’s competitive landscape. You need a powerful job posting that not only captures a job seeker’s attention – make that the right job seeker’s attention – but compels them to apply as well.

Creating a powerful job posting isn’t as easy as it sounds, however. There are numerous questions to consider as you go about it. For instance, should you keep your job title simple and to the point or be creative with it? Should you keep your job description brief or dive into the details? Should you distinguish between must-have skills and preferred skills?

We put together this handy infographic, which draws from CareerBuilder’s 20-plus years of research on job seeker perceptions and behavior, to help make your job postings stand out from the competition.

 Click the image for the full graphic that you can save.

Anatomy of a Powerful Job Posting Infographic - CareerBuilder


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