3 best practices for reengaging candidates in your Talent Network

3 best practices for reengaging candidates in your Talent Network

When your talent pool includes many qualified candidates, you have the ability to turn to this network when you need more help. If you're trying to reengage candidates in your talent network, you need to take an active stance. You can't wait for candidates to come to you, and you can't ignore your talent pool. Otherwise, you'll see it dry up.

The good news is that you can save valuable time and money by reengaging the candidates you already have in your network. Here's how you can initiate reengagement with these candidates and avoid the risk of candidates losing interest.

Build a strong email campaign

One of the easiest ways to maintain communication with your candidates is to engage with them via an email campaign. The trick is to ensure that you're running a strong campaign directed at the right audience members. Here are a few tips for building a good email campaign:

Create compelling content

Build authority and trust with candidates in your talent network by designing compelling and useful content. Use each email as a way to help candidates move their job searches forward. This means that you need to assess where your candidates are in their job search. Those who have just joined your talent network benefit from information about your company, whereas those who have already submitted a job application benefit from learning more about the skills employers in your industry are looking for.

Target the right audience

Building an audience is crucial to any email campaign. Thanks to advances in technology, you can segment your talent network to look for candidates with specific types of experience, education, and skills. When you know your audience, you ensure that you're offering valuable and personalized information that keeps candidates on the hook.

Consider the timing of your emails

One big mistake associated with some email campaigns is poor timing. You can benefit from tracking your email open rates and seeing which times seem most likely to solicit engagement. You might find that it's a better idea to send emails in mid-morning rather than late evening, for instance.

Use automation to your advantage

Automating your communication with your candidates can work in your favor. Reengage candidates in your talent network without lifting a finger, thanks to automated email reminders and triggers that can lead to conversions. For example, an automated platform can remind your candidates to finish the job application they've started. You can also remind candidates when a new open position is posted.

Automation is a major benefit for recruiters and employers because it requires less focus on specific individuals. At the same time, you can still ensure that the messages are personalized for job seekers. They should be able to click specific boxes that allow them to receive only notifications about certain types of jobs, ensuring they only receive relevant information.

Get to know your candidates

Passive candidates in your talent network may feel reengaged by your interest in them. Spend time reviewing the work history of prime candidates, getting to know their previous responsibilities. If you have no way to get to know candidates in your pool, you might want to remedy this with recruitment software.

You can use recruitment software to gather more data about candidates. Consider collecting information like previous work accomplishments, interests, training history, and desires. This information can help you brainstorm questions you can use to reengage candidates personally via phone, text, or email.

Getting to know your candidates is also important when you consider that you may be recruiting a new generation of job seekers. These individuals are tech-savvy. You may also find that some of these job seekers are heavily motivated by challenges and rewards.

If you take the time to get to know your candidates, you can also use this information to create a personalized offer for employment. Job seekers are more likely to engage with you when they feel like they will be valued and respected members of the community.

Make your intentions clear

When you reach out to your candidates, ensure that your intentions are clear. Tell the candidate why you're contacting them, and explain what steps they can take next. When your candidates are well-informed, they feel comfortable making decisions pertaining to your organization. You can also avoid the risk of having your emails automatically sent to a spam folder. Job seekers are more likely to open and read your email if you clearly state your reason for reaching out, especially if it has been weeks or months since your last contact.

"When your candidates have more information, you set them up for success."

If you intend to offer members of your talent pool the opportunity to interview for a position, make this clear immediately in the subject line of your email or in a voicemail. List out the steps the candidate needs to take to choose a time for the job interview, ensuring that the information is clearly stated. When your candidates have more information, you set them up for success.

Your talent network may be full of educated and experienced candidates, but some job seekers may require more personalized engagement. No matter how many exchanges you've had with a candidate, reaching out in the right way can make all the difference. Reengage with the candidates in your talent network by bringing personalization to each piece of communication.

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