What Is a Background Check Service?

March 14, 2017 Mary Lorenz

Hiring a new employee is always a nerve-wracking undertaking — and for good reason. According to a 2016 CareerBuilder survey, 75 percent of employers have hired the wrong person. In addition to costing businesses in terms of lost productivity, lower morale and a compromised quality of work, bad hires cost employers an estimated $17,000 on average. That’s where background check services come in.

According to the same survey, 37 percent of employers who made a bad hire said it was because the employee lied about his or her qualifications. Background check services can minimize such mistakes. They help identify if and when a candidate is being honest about his or her qualifications.

But there’s more to employee background check services than verifying resume claims. So, what is a background check? Background check services include criminal background checks, employment history verification and a variety of other services to help you hire with confidence, protect your business and protect your current workforce.

Here are four benefits of using background check services:

  1. They minimize hiring mistakes. Background check services look into a candidate’s educational background (degree obtained, schools attended, etc.), employment history (place of employment, years employed, title, etc.), references listed, and any professional licenses he or she claims to have obtained. If a candidate is misrepresenting him- or herself, a background check service will bring any misrepresentations or false claims to light. This can help employers avoid hiring someone who is potentially unqualified for the job (in addition to being untrustworthy).
  2. They improve regulatory compliance. When hiring, employers must adhere to several state and federal guidelines to ensure fair hiring practices. If a company fails to comply with any of these regulations, it could result in steep fines or legal action. A quality background check service provider can help ensure you meet all the necessary compliance requirements.
  3. They improve workplace safety and security. Drug testing, criminal background checks, credit checks and sex offender searches help employers identify any incidents in a candidate’s history that could indicate a potential “bad seed.” Investing time and money in thorough background checks could reduce workplace theft, accidents and violence, thereby creating a safer working environment for your employee.
  4. They decrease negligent hiring risks. Because criminal background checks and drug testing help minimize workplace violence incidents, they also minimize negligent hiring risks. If, for example, an employee is attacked by a co-worker, the victim may file a negligent hiring claim, arguing that the employer knew or should have known there was something in the employee’s background to indicate a dangerous or untrustworthy character. In addition to facing legal action, companies often see damage to their reputations as well. A quality background check service could prevent such a (costly) situation from arising.


Make your next hire with confidence. Check out How to Find the Right Background Check Provider.


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