How to meet candidates where they are

Finding and connecting with the right candidates for your team might feel like it's only possible through divine intervention. From whatever shape the labor market is in to your hiring budget, your talent acquisition process can feel overwhelming

One pro tip we continuously advocate for as part of an effective hiring strategy is to “meet candidates where they are” - but what does that mean? This strategy really comes down to two things: your tools and your culture. 

The hiring tools you use are how job seekers engage with your company 

Make a great first impression and be consistent. Whether it’s your career site and the actual job application, or it’s your communication process, candidates expect a streamlined job-hunting experience.  

Understand what the job seeker wants from the application process. More than 30% of job seekers want to spend 10 minutes or less on an application, with the majority unwilling to spend more than 20 minutes on a single job app. Optimize your process to give candidates what they want and increase the chances of a qualified person completing that job application. Here is one quick change you can make to your job postings, as well as five reasons why job seekers abandon the process

Texting. Simply put: your job seekers are all on their phones, all the time. It's an extremely effective way to build a friendly relationship, get to the point and keep the hiring process moving. Candidates can be quickly and efficiently alerted about an update in the process without logging into systems, checking email or listening to voicemails. Texting candidates also reduces pressure in a process that is high-stakes for both sides, allowing empathy and personality to shine through. Utilize texting best practices to connect with qualified talent faster

Again, focus on skills. This will continue to be a major hiring strategy for the foreseeable future. Job seekers love it, as it gives them flexibility in creating their career, and skills-based hiring can help you build strong and diverse teams. Hiring based on an industry standard progression of job titles is no longer a guarantee that you’ll find the best person for the job. Showcasing the skills needed to get the job done will attract more candidates and give you a wider talent pool.  

Your culture is an important factor for job seekers 

Especially now, job seekers want to know the company they’re joining is a good place to work. They want competitive benefits, flexible hours and a diverse workforce. 

Work from home and flexible hours. This is a no-brainer in 2021. Many workers are still remote for safety reasons, but even as offices open up, there is still an expectation for flexibility and working from home. Job seekers appreciate and want the ability to set hours that suit their life, to live where it’s best for them and to be trusted to get their work done. Companies that promote culture in those ways will see job seekers clamoring to work for them.   

Be upfront about diversity and inclusion initiatives. Demonstrating this is an area your company is invested in will go a long way toward attracting more diverse candidates, as well as job seekers who value a variety of experiences and perspectives.  

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