Hiring 101: 5 tips to create an easy process

Searching for qualified candidates in today’s tight job market can feel daunting and overwhelming. While the competition for top talent is higher than ever in many industries, there are ways to put yourself ahead of the game and hire top-notch workers. Follow this framework to keep your hiring process simple and consistent – and get employees in the door faster.

Stick with tradition

Recruiting “rock stars” and “ninjas” can make a role seem valued and exciting, but job seekers might not see those awesome positions – simply because they aren’t searching for those keywords. A Workopolis study found that job postings with standard job titles outperformed nontraditional job titles. Use standard job titles and industry-specific keywords to boost visibility, and you’ll be well on your way to finding those rock stars.

Simplify your application process

Tip: try applying to an open (or test) position on your company’s website, and you might empathize with candidates who abandon their application. Did it take more than 20 minutes to complete? How many screener questions were there? Did you have to enter your information multiple times? According to CareerBuilder research, 1 in 5 candidates won’t complete an application that takes 20 minutes or longer, and drop-off rates increase as more screener questions arise.  Streamline your application process as much as possible by updating the system or implementing software that pre-populates information to save applicants’ time.

Prioritize the candidate experience

In today’s candidate-centric job market, the way you treat applicants has a huge impact on your ability to recruit them. Many candidates won't take a job where interviews started on the wrong foot. According to CareerArc, of the 60 percent of candidates who have had a bad candidate experience, 72 percent have talked about it on company review sites.  The single biggest change you can make right now is to improve your communication with candidates. A remarkable 82 percent of job seekers expect employers to provide a clear timeline for the hiring process and keep them updated throughout, a CareerBuilder study found.

Focus your interviews

Another crucial piece of the candidate experience is the interview process. More than one interview is standard for finding “the one”, yet too many interviews can turn candidates away. Keep the number of interviews to two or three max, and make them as convenient as possible for the candidate. Have the initial interview via phone or video, and bring in only your top candidates for in-person interviews to speed up the process. This respects the candidate’s time, provides plenty of get-to-know-you opportunities and reduces time-to-hire.

Utilize your best recruiting tool – your team

Employee referrals are considered one of the best sources of quality hires. These are the people who know your company best and can easily spot a great fit.  If you don’t already have one, create a formal employee referral program that incentivizes staff members to participate, and send regular reminders to ensure it stays on your employees’ radar.


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