Stronger, More Relevant Candidates Come From Talent Network

Client: Pathfinder Home Health
Health care
Company Size: 51-200

We have built a real network of healthcare professionals that all share interest in Pathfinder. This has been remarkable!

Pathfinder Home Health is a rapidly growing home health agency with 200 employees across seven geriatric offices across Texas. The company specializes in keeping senior citizens independent and living in their own home and prides itself on the ability to provide “exceptional clinical care with a personal touch.”

Four years ago, Pathfinder Home Health underwent a rebranding initiative to distinguish its business and to create a stronger, more recognizable brand in the eyes of both patients and their families, and the people who work there.

In addition to the rebranding, the company was growing and looking for quality health care workers with the right skills and the right fit. But much like many small businesses in the health care industry today, they were struggling to find enough applicants who met their qualifications.

The recruitment process was time-consuming and laborious – and with little to no pay off. “We would post a position for an Occupational Therapist, and we would get almost 300 resumes, but only five were relevant for what we were looking for,” recalls Danny Golden, VP of Operations.

The job of recruiting, interviewing and hiring often fell on nurses, but because patient care comes before everything else, they found themselves with little time to recruit new staff. Without a dedicated recruitment team, not only was Pathfinder unable to bring in new staff and grow the way it should, but current staff members were beginning to feel burned out. In many ways, it was a double-edged sword: Pathfinder needed nurses to help out with patient care, but couldn’t take time away from patient care to find and interview the nurses they needed.

Unsure how to alleviate the situation, Pathfinder Home Health turned to CareerBuilder because of a candidate engagement platform called Talent Network, which included a fully operational career site and talent network pipelining tool. It was at this point that Pathfinder Home Health finally hit a turning point. "Once we implemented Talentstream Engage, I saw an immediate change in the resumes that were coming to us... [As a result of] using Talent Network, the applicants have become much stronger and more relevant," Golden says.

Pathfinder Home Health’s new career site gave job seekers a place to learn about the company, search for jobs and apply. Job seekers who were interested in the company but not yet ready to apply could also opt-in to join the company’s talent network. With a talent network, Pathfinder Home Health was able to capture applicant information, build a database of qualified candidates who may fit future openings and, over time, re-engage these candidates through automated technology.

Though Pathfinder Home Health had never used or had access to anything similar to this level of technology for recruitment purposes, the company found that not only was the software fast and easy to implement, thanks in large part to a dedicated customer service team, but it was easy for its employees to adopt.

CareerBuilder's Talent Network eliminated the need for nurses and administrators to sift through hundreds of unqualified resumes and instead found relevant resumes using search technology. Instead of receiving hundreds of unqualified resumes to sort through, Golden now receives between six and eight qualified applicants vented from Talent Network's search technology. Not only does it take him and his staff less time to sift through applications, they have their own internal pool of talent from which to source candidates, enabling them to be more proactive in their candidate searches.

Another aspect of Talent Network that stands out is how it adapts to mobile devices. Working with CareerBuilder, Pathfinder Home Health discovered that the majority of job seekers were interacting with their career site via mobile devices, underscoring the need mobile-optimized career site.

Today, Pathfinder works exclusively with CareerBuilder, as no other resource provides the level of return on their investment. (For Golden, the ability to see how many applicants are showing interest in the company and build a database of interested, engaged candidates is invaluable.) Pathfinder Home Health credits CareerBuilder with helping them bring in approximately 20 hires in the last two years – a growth of 10 percent.

"I would absolutely recommend it to small businesses and health care businesses," Golden says. "[Before using CareerBuilder,] we didn’t have any avenue like this to use for recruiting. A small to mid-size company like ours who has never had technology like this to lean on would find it very useful. It streamlines recruitment. It’s affordable, beneficial and CareerBuilder provides great support."

 Watch a quick video on how Talent Network works. If you're ready to speak to a product expert to determine the best implementation of a career site with your organization, request a demo today.

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