5 Steps for Hiring Managers to Fall in Love with Recruiters

February 12, 2016 Steve Browne

As a recruiter, focusing on making hiring managers fall in love with you is no longer an option — it’s a necessity. Since the dawn of the workforce as we know it, a chasm has been growing between recruiters and hiring managers. The gap exists because over time, we have compartmentalized these functions and done little to connect them. Each side stands firmly upon their own territory and launches grenades into the others’ camp any time the hiring process gets clunky.

When these issues take priority over the candidate experience and making quality hires, both the company and the candidate suffer. It’s time recruiters and hiring managers step up to fill the split and be the proactive force behind making hiring more functional and effective for all parties involved.

Try these tips to start improving your hiring manager relationships right away:

1. Walk in their shoes.

Recruiting professionals need to eliminate the job requisition mentality. Your job is to identify and recommend great team members for the organization. The hiring manager is typically yearning for positions to be filled. To get a better understanding of what those positions are, be intentional and schedule a day or two to shadow in the hiring manager’s department. Learn what they do and how they perform their work. When they show you what value they bring to the organization, the courtship begins.

2. Show them how they impact the candidate experience.

You have a great opportunity to educate the hiring manager on how his or her approach helps candidates decide whether they will actually join your company once the offer is made. Show them how their time with candidates is critical in securing great talent. Use their interviews as venues to close the sale and get great folks on board.


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