3 Reasons Your Business Needs Job Postings

April 6, 2017

There are a lot of things you may not actually need this year: More salt in your diet, a coat like Prince George’s, or a Toblorange. (OK, those last two are debatable.)

But when it comes to your recruitment plans, you’d be remiss to leave job postings out of the mix. Job postings aren’t just a reliable staple for finding candidates – they’re an essential and growing part of the job search for people actively or passively looking for a new job right this minute.

Here are three ways job postings will help your business move the needle this year:

1.Gain access to a network of active, engaged and loyal job seekers.

The thing about job seekers using the CareerBuilder site to search for and apply to jobs is, they’re loyal, and for a reason: Though we’ve expanded our product offerings, job search has been our core business since the beginning. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about what both candidates and employers need from each other to make meaningful connections, and our team is constantly looking for ways to make those connections even better. Nearly half of job seekers choose to use the CareerBuilder site exclusively over Indeed, and 68 percent over Monster, according to ComScore data.

2.Showcase your employment brand.

Job postings give you an opportunity to not only share and highlight your employer​ brand, but also to tell a compelling story that resonates with job seekers so much that they can’t not take the next step with you. Your brand, and your company, isn’t going to be right for everyone – and that’s a good thing: You want the right people, not everyone.

This is why it’s so important that you clearly communicate through your job description and brand story not only job-specific information, but also information about company culture, benefits and what makes your employees tick. Great job candidates read job descriptions, and they demand transparency. According to CareerBuilder’s Candidate Behavior Study, a whopping 85 percent of job candidates say clearly defined job duties/responsibilities can prompt them to apply to a job; 77 percent cite a defined salary range; 60 percent cite a laid-out benefits package; and 45 percent say both advancement opportunities and the work environment are details that can trigger them to hit that “apply” button.

With candidates going to an average of 18 sources to conduct extensive job and career research before they even apply to jobs, it’s clear they’re not taking the job search lightly – and neither should you. CareerBuilder’s job postings can be an extremely effective way to draw in more of the right people and convert them to applicants.

A great employment brand, showcased through your job postings, will also help you remarket and re-engage candidates to your organization and your jobs, which brings us to the next benefit of job postings…

3.Create a thriving pipeline of talent to your organization.

If you build it, they will come… ahem, once you have job postings, that is. You wouldn’t join a social network without any members, so why would you use recruitment software like a talent network without any members?

In order for your recruitment software to work – and not only work, but work well — logic follows that you first need a steady flow of qualified applicants to your job postings. Getting these applicants to your job postings fuels your sourcing and recruitment software by creating a pipeline of qualified candidates to help you decrease time to hire and increase your ROI. Not bad, eh?

It’s worth noting that every single CareerBuilder client who has purchased recruitment software has also purchased job postings. (Did I mention we have really smart customers?)

Talent networks and communities will help you connect with candidates on a deeper level and keep them engaged with your organization and opportunities, and enjoy a positive job search experience with you (that they’ll tell others about too). Job postings will help you get you the candidates you need in the first place.

Learn more about CareerBuilder’s Job Postings — and try them out for yourself.

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