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8 Tips on How to Pitch a Recruitment Idea to Your Boss

September 2, 2016

8 Tried-and-True Tips to Sell Your Boss on Recruitment Tools

By Catherine Cummings, HR Strategist

Coming up with an amazing idea or finding the perfect recruitment tool to fill a dire gap in your process is great – but it’s actually the easy part.

The harder (but more important) part? Pitching that new talent acquisition solution or tool to the boss, and getting them to see why it’s so vital for your business.

When we pitch an idea to our boss, there’s often anxiety about the best way to both influence and impress. Key to your success when presenting a new recruiting tool or talent acquisition solution is to arm yourself with relevant information, and ensure alignment with the business strategy.

As a recruitment leader, you know that to effect real change in your organization, you must start with a solid plan. In my new guide with CareerBuilder, I draw from my own experience to share eight tips to craft a recruitment plan that will give you the confidence you need to successfully pitch a new recruiting tool, talent acquisition system, or software solution to your boss.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Catherine Malloy Cummings is a breakthrough human resources strategist known for her ability to transform HR teams into champions of revenue and agents of business growth. When she's not consulting, you'll find her speaking and writing on aligning the HR function to your corporate performance and profitability.

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