7 Tactics Talent Acquisition Leaders Need to Increase Efficiency

November 20, 2017 Sarah Sipek

The talent acquisition industry is teeming with buzzwords. Automation, machine learning and chat bots were the topics of conversation—and conferences—throughout 2017. But do you really know what they mean? And more importantly, will these trendy tactics delivery the results your company needs?

As 2018 approaches, and you begin to firm up your talent acquisition strategy for the coming year, it’s important to find a balance between flashy trends and tried-and-true methods of recruitment to ensure you’re attracting the best talent to your organization—and acting on it quickly. A CareerBuilder survey found that 66 percent of job seekers said they wait less than two weeks to hear back from the employer before considering the opportunity a lost cause and moving on to another.  

We’ve compiled a list of seven easy strategies you can begin implementing now to help you kick of 2018 with a bang:

1. Brand your company. The recruitment process becomes exponentially easier when job seekers want to work at your company. To create that level of interest, you need to brand your company as a place in which great talent want to work. That begins with using your company’s website as a platform to highlight your company’s culture. You also need to share your brand message through all of your marketing materials as well as social media channels to pique job seekers’ interest.

2. Encourage employee referrals. Employers continuously agree that employee referrals are the No. 1 source of their new hires. So if you’re not using your workforce to attract new talent, you’re missing out. Current employees can speak to your culture and are often more attuned to finding talent that will succeed at your organization. While a sense of pride in their work is sometimes enough, offering compensation to employees who refer a candidate that is hired increases the flow of talent from this source.

3. Build strong talent networks. Having a pipeline of talented individuals who have already expressed interest in your organization speeds up the hiring process considerable. Building a talent network involves developing—and nurturing—relationships with candidates long before relevant jobs are posted. Many technology platforms today offer ways to automate emails to keep in touch with these high-value candidates so they are primed and ready when the right opportunity comes along.

4. Use data. There are currently 6.1 million open jobs in the U.S. With that many open requisitions, you need to be able to expedite your decision making process. Real-time statistics reports showing current candidate supply and demand data for each position you’re trying to fill will help you target candidates and fill positions more quickly.

5. Automate where you can. Your time is valuable. Using technology solutions to send automated emails to re-engage candidates instead of sending personalized emails will save you time—and still be effective in attracting top candidates. These solutions are also often capable of posting the same job to multiple job boards to add more hours into your day.

6. Simplify your application process. You don’t like wasting time. And neither do your candidates. Having to re-input personal information and resume details only deters top candidates from applying. Simply your process to attract—and retain—top talent through the recruitment process.

7. Don’t forget about job postings. We understand that flashy new technology is appealing, but sometimes the tried-and-true method works best. Efficiently posting jobs to top job boards consistently brings in the most candidates. So don’t let this tactic fall by the wayside.

Want more tips to help improve your 2018 recruitment strategy? Listen to our on-demand webinar.


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