How Hospitality Recruiters Can Find the Best Candidates

Debra Auerbach

If you’re a recruiter in the hospitality industry, you’re ramping up for another busy hiring season.

According to CareerBuilder research, 38 percent of employers in hospitality plan to hire contract or temporary workers in the second half of 2017, while 53 percent expect to hire full-time, permanent employees in the back half of the year.

However, hiring in the hospitality industry can often be slowed down by a long chain of approvals, leaving many positions sitting open for an extended period of time. In fact, 48 percent of hospitality employers currently have positions at their organizations that, on average, stay open for 12 weeks or longer.

And as we all know, the longer it takes to fill a position, the more time and resources are spent; resources that could be put toward other requisitions or recruiting priorities. But, by building a robust hospitality hiring strategy, you can recruit quality employees and close the time to hire gap.

Here’s how:

1. Be Smart About Using Data
How many job seekers are actively looking for a hospitality position in your area? How many other companies are posting for similar jobs? What are your competitors paying their workers? These are the types of questions you should ask yourself – and answer with supply and demand data – before you start recruiting. Arming yourself with this information allows you to be more intelligent about your recruitment strategy and get a leg up on competitors.

2. Utilize Your Resume Database
The best candidate for your position may be one that’s already in your resume database. Since these candidates have expressed interest in being contacted by recruiters, they’re more likely to respond – and at a faster rate. Also, by using Boolean and semantic methods to search your database, you can more easily zero in on the right candidates. There are also tools available that allow you access beyond your own database to public web profiles, widening your pool of relevant candidates.

3. Create Persuasive Job Postings
In the hospitality industry, job postings are often par for the course. But you shouldn’t treat them like another mundane task you want to quickly cross off your to-do list. Spend time crafting a compelling posting that illustrates why your position is superior to your competitors’. Also, make sure to optimize your advertisement to ensure it gets ranked high in search engines – and gets noticed more quickly by candidates.  

4. Nurture Your Candidate Pipeline
According to prior CareerBuilder research, nearly 2 out of 3 candidates across industries say that after reading a job posting they will spend more time doing research before applying. They may not be ready to pull the trigger just yet, but you can still capture their information via a talent network – and keep them engaged until they’re ready to apply. By continuously delivering new, relevant positions to your candidate pipeline, it ups their chances of finding the right opportunity – and it ups your chances of filling your hospitality positions faster.

Get data to inform your hospitality recruitment strategy, and find more tips for speeding up time to hire.   

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