3 of the Best Ways to Find Job Candidates

August 21, 2017 Debra Auerbach

The U.S. is expected to add nearly 8 million jobs over the next five years, according to CareerBuilder research.

While that’s great news for the economy, recruiters may face even more competition to fill open positions in an already complicated and fragmented recruitment landscape.

So, what’s a recruiter to do?

If you want to find the best candidates and fill jobs quickly, you’ll need to use all of the resources at your disposal. That means thinking beyond just one way of recruiting, and instead building a strategy that includes proactive, reactive and interactive recruiting methods.

Here’s a look at those three approaches, and how they can work together to help you find the right people – before your competition does.   

1. Reactive Recruiting: Job Postings
Job postings are a great way to gain exposure for your open positions. A well-written and well-optimized job posting can help you find candidates who may not already be in your pipeline. Since you’re essentially putting your posting out there and waiting for candidates to come to you, you should supplement your efforts by seeking candidates who’ve already expressed interest in working for your company. Which leads us to No. 2…

2. Proactive Recruiting: Resume Database
While you’re waiting for your job posting to do its magic, take advantage of your existing database to search for candidates who may be a good fit – and are already familiar with your organization. Plus, with the advances in Boolean and semantic search technologies, it’s easier to zero in on the right candidates. Yet, a resume database is only as effective as the candidates in it. Which brings us to No. 3…

3. Interactive Recruiting: Talent Network
Even if candidates are in the exploration phase of their job search, that doesn’t mean they won’t eventually want to apply for a job at your company. That’s why having a talent network is a great way to build a pipeline of candidates with whom you can continuously engage, helping you fill future positions more quickly. By integrating a “Join Our Talent Network” button into your job posting, for example, you’re giving job seekers an easy way to stay connected until the right opportunity comes along. 

Learn why thinking like a marketer can help you recruit better.

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