Learn how to source candidates faster with these tips

Debra Auerbach

How to Source Candidates Quickly and More Efficiently

Having the right candidates in an organization is what makes it stand out from the competition. When hiring people to fill empty positions, getting it taken care of quickly might be necessary. But hiring new candidates can take time, so you may want to learn about strategies and tools that can make finding the right employees happen faster. Let's go over how to source candidates quickly and efficiently to ensure your organization always has the employees it needs.

Access more candidates

One of the best ways to find the right employees for a company is to advertise open jobs in places that offer access to a lot of candidates. The more people who see a job posting, the more likely it is for HR to receive resumes from those who have the qualifications for the job. With a wider pool of potential workers, your organization can be more selective about who gets hired, ensuring that candidates are a good fit for the role and the company. Here are some places to consider advertising open positions at your organization:

Job boards in your company

The people who work for your company are valuable sources when it comes to hiring. Consider putting up a job board in the break room or making one that's available online for employees exclusively. This allows people who already work at the company to have first access before the jobs become available to the public. Employees can also recommend people they know for jobs that might fit their skills. Hiring friends or acquaintances of current employees can be beneficial. When someone has friends at a company, it may entice them to work for the organization long term.

"If you're always on the hunt for resumes that meet your company's guidelines, it can be easier to fill roles when they become available."

Job search websites

Posting a job advertisement on a job search website like CareerBuilder can garner you access to millions of employees, all in one convenient place. Many people search for jobs on job search platforms because of the variety of services they offer, such as resume building and career advice, and the convenience that makes looking for a job much simpler. CareerBuilder sends job postings to candidates who meet the qualifications desired, but candidates can also use our filters to search for jobs in your company's industry that meet their abilities.

Hiring events

CareerBuilder also holds hiring events that are customized to the needs of a company. These events allow hiring managers to automate some of the hiring processes, as we take care of things like sending reminder emails about the event, scheduling interviews with the right candidates for the job, and sending additional reminder texts and emails to ensure they don't miss the interview. In addition, we give your company a full report after the event that highlights each candidate's details so it can be used to connect with candidates who might fit your company's needs later.

Create a sourcing pipeline

Streamlining the hiring process will likely involve creating a candidate-sourcing pipeline. A sourcing pipeline is when there's a process for funneling qualified employees into an organization's hiring process. Companies need to have a hiring strategy that starts at the most basic level and moves candidates through the hiring process efficiently. This usually means creating a job description, posting an advertisement through various sources, and then taking resumes, reviewing them, and scheduling interviews.

Sourcing candidates means a company is actively looking for qualified people to join the team. If you're always on the hunt for resumes that meet your company's guidelines, it can be easier to fill roles when they become available. CareerBuilder can help with creating a sourcing strategy that will speed the hiring process along.

Automate the hiring process

If you can automate any of your hiring processes, it's highly recommended to do so. Creating job descriptions, posting job ads, reviewing resumes, choosing candidates, and everything else that goes along with getting the best employees to work for your organization can be exhausting and very time-consuming. Using tracking software that scans resumes for formatting and keywords can save time on looking through countless resumes that don't meet a company's needs. Consider holding video interviews, where a candidate prerecords their answers to interview questions.

Onboarding employees is another process that can take a lot of time. Think about providing training videos and other materials that help new hires acclimate to the role and the company. Make sure they still have a chance to interact with others in your company in person, so they feel connected to the rest of the team.

Consider using analytics

When using CareerBuilder to advertise open roles, take advantage of our data analytics. Use the available tracking analytics to determine how effective a candidate sourcing strategy is. You'll be able to determine how many candidates are interested in the role your company posted and how qualified those candidates are to perform the tasks associated with the job. This can help your organization better target the right people and create an ad that gets the company's role more interest.

Filling vacant jobs quickly can make your company rise above the competition. But to find the best candidates in the shortest amount of time, it's important to have a strategy in place. Use this guide to ensure candidates get hired faster and that your company fills the jobs with the highest quality candidates possible.

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