How diverse teams make great products

In an effort to share the stories of the CareerBuilder employees who are hard at work #BuildingForYou, we continue our employee feature series, from celebrating individuality and lending personal experience to their insight on industry trends and everything in between.

Meet a vital member of the CareerBuilder team: Samir Shaikh. Samir joined our team more than a decade ago and is now the Director of Engineering in our Noida, India office. During his time with the company, Samir has led and worked on exciting, cool projects - giving him plenty of experience to offer solid advice for anyone. Keep reading to learn about Samir’s CareerBuilder experience and why the “Big Bang Theory” is the best show out there.

How have you grown professionally during your time at CareerBuilder?

Over the last 12 years, CareerBuilder has given me opportunities to learn and develop my product delivery and planning skills. I have learned a lot about integration with various systems, and overall technology and product delivery.

What do you enjoy most about working at CareerBuilder?

CareerBuilder continues to give me more freedom to find creative solutions for the challenges faced by tech companies. This support allows me to think outside of the box, work across diverse teams, and share my knowledge and experience.

What is your favorite project that you have worked on during your time at CareerBuilder?

I have had the opportunity to work on several cool projects while at the company, but I think my favorite is the work I did on Document Management Systems (DMS). DMS is a solution to send, sign and manage documents 100% digitally with an easy user experience. Through my work on the project, I learned a lot about product delivery and roadmaps, and it helped me improve my skills in building robust API frameworks. What was cool about it, though, was learning these new technologies while bonding with a great team and engaging in good work culture.

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Plan for 10 years, implement in six months. You will absolutely fail, but after six months, you will be much closer to your goal.

What was your first job and what were your biggest take-aways from the experience?

My first job was working as a Software Engineer in East Africa. The biggest lesson I learned during this time was the need to be adaptable and agile.

What is your favorite show of all time and why?

My favorite show is the "Big Bang Theory” because the group dynamic of the main characters reminds me a lot of my group of friends.

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?

The answer is easy. I’d like to trade places with a NASA astronaut who is heading to space that day.

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