What Type of Recruiter Are You?

Mary Lorenz


Are you a Lannister, a Stark, a Bolton, a...oops – wrong quiz! When it comes to recruiting, what is your personality type? Today’s recruiters must have a varied and broad set of skills, but perhaps there’s one particular area where you shine. Check out the four types of recruiting personalities below and see where you fall.


The people person

A born networker, you were likely voted “Most Outgoing” in high school. For you, recruiting is about building relationships and getting to know candidates on a personal level. You prefer meeting people over coffee versus talking on the phone or email, and asking a lot of questions. Candidates love you because you give them your undivided attention and truly listen.


The strategist

You would describe yourself as a “numbers person.” You never make a decision without serious consideration. That’s why you go into every job with a strategy in place. You’re driven by facts, not feelings, relying on recruitment data and analytics to guide your decisions. You pay attention to labor market trends, dig deep into metrics and know how to use recruitment technology to your greatest advantage.

The creative thinker

As a creative thinking recruiter, you’re always asking yourself, “What can I do that’s different?” You’re always looking for new and creative ways to connect with candidates or sell opportunities. A social media maven, you were among the first to start using Twitter and Facebook as a recruiting tool. You excel at writing job postings that get results and keeping your messaging fresh. You stay on top of the latest recruiting trends. Your clients love you for your inventiveness and forward-thinking approach to recruiting.

The speed demon

Got 50 recs to manage right now? Not a problem. You have superhuman Boolean search powers, so you can source candidates in the blink of an eye. You know how to light a fire under clients’ a**** to get them to move faster on hiring decisions.

The closer

Clients love you because they know you’ll get the job done. You excel at identifying the needs of your clients and have limitless sourcing strategies in order to find the perfect candidates - from tapping into your ATS to going on social media. You’re a master at networking and have a huge network of client and candidate relationships. As a communicator, you’re direct and to the point because you don’t have the time or patience to mess around.

Where do you fall? Chances are you’re a combination of a few – or even all five – recruiter personalities. After all, in today’s recruitment landscape, the most successful recruiters have a combination of hard and soft skills, as well as the ability adapt quickly to a changing labor market and ever-evolving technology.


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