Demand for healthcare workers has surged

Job postings on have nearly tripled over the course of the pandemic, and in December 2021 all major groups except military occupations saw double- and triple-digit growth compared to the same month last year. Job inventory is growing across nearly all states, and demand for registered nurses and tractor-trailer truck drivers remains strong.

CareerBuilder CEO predicts even more growth.

CareerBuilder CEO Susan Arthur sees even more job growth in the year ahead. “A cumulative mix of increased supply chain demand, a rise in resignations and companies continuing to recover from the pandemic will result in thousands of open jobs and an explosive growth in online job postings," she says.

Other key findings:

Transportation/warehousing continues to lead in volume.

At the same time, the supply chain is bottlenecked by a low worker supply in these areas. The top five most in-demand industries are:

  1. Transportation and material moving occupations
  2. Healthcare practitioners and technical positions
  3. Office and administrative support occupations
  4. Sales and related occupations
  5. Business and financial operations occupations

Demand for nurses surged last month.

Demand for nurses is up 450% from March 2020 and climbed even higher last month. This increase in demand, paired with a shrinking supply, is leading employers to think creatively in their hiring practices. Employers are looking for talent in unconventional places. Increasing wages and offering sign-on bonuses have been popular, successful measures.

It’s a great time to review your strategy and see what hiring practices you could focus on to be successful in the year ahead.

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