What 10 years working at CareerBuilder looks like

Jake Wells is the Senior Accounting Manager on our Corporate Accounting team and is based in Chicago. Next month is his 10-year anniversary with CareerBuilder! He started at CareerBuilder right out of college as an entry-level accountant, and said, “CareerBuilder has provided me with the opportunity to build my skills and knowledge base and take it to the next level.”  

“I work closely with most departments across the company, due to the nature of my job," Jake said. “If you’re trying to spend big dollars at CareerBuilder, I’m the guy you come to for a finance purchase order. Special shout-out to my business partners in Financial Systems, Payroll, Sales Incentives, and Enterprise Software!” 

Jake also leads a team of five accountants who work together to oversee revenue, payroll, expenses, and (as Jake describes it) “a handful of other fun stuff.” Jake said, “Each day generally brings something new.”

Being a team leader, we asked Jake to share some of the ways his team stays connected and engaged with each other during this time of remote work. He said, “We have group Teams chats to keep up throughout the week, enjoy settling down at the end of the week with a Zoom, and for us sports fans – we play some fun football pick’em pools together.” 

We asked Jake to share the best piece of advice he’s ever received. He shared this anecdote that reminds us to keep life in perspective:  

Someone once asked Jake: “If I offered you $10 million but you couldn’t wake up tomorrow, would you take it?” 

“Of course not.” 

“So, you’re telling me that waking up tomorrow is worth more to you than $10 million? Start living like it!” 

What a great reminder as we start out this new year – that each day is a gift and is full of opportunity. Let’s make the most of each day we have!

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