Five Great Podcasts for Small Business Leaders

Pete Jansons

As small business leaders, it is important to always keep learning. Podcasts are a great way to expose yourself to different ideas, different ways of thinking and learn from others in your industry — all while you’re on the go. The following podcasts provide great lessons for small business leaders. You’ll hear from others who have been where you are – or have made it where you want to be – and walk away with great advice and insight that will help you both personally and professionally.

1 Simple Thing

If you are like most small business owners whose to-do lists never seem to get shorter, this is the podcast for you. Five days a week, host Dave Kirby interviews experts who offer advice in one specific area of life – from marriage and family to mental health. Each podcast episode challenges listeners to make one small change to “make your life your life better, your business better, or your world better.”

Business Insanity

Host Barry Moltz is a small business expert, best-selling author and nationally recognized speaker. In this podcast, he discusses “the craziness of small business.” He speaks with fellow small business owners and experts to discuss their experiences and advice for dealing with the “exciting, interesting and totally unpredictable” world of small business. Find out the secrets behind Starbucks’ people-first philosophy, what you need to hire the right people and how to zombie-proof your business.

Office Hours

While host and best-selling business writer Daniel Pink hasn’t posted a new podcast episode since 2014, you can still get access to archived episodes here. The lessons from interviews with best-selling authors and renowned thought leaders – including Malcolm Gladwell, Gretchen Rubin and Marcus Buckingham – are every bit as relevant today as they were when first recorded.

Beyond the To-Do List

If fear of failure keeps you up at night, this is the podcast for you. Podcast host Erik Fisher interviews people who’ve struggled with success and endured both personal and professional setbacks. They share what they’ve learned from their mistakes and the strategies they employ to find success and maintain productivity.


StartUp is kind of like This American Life for small business owners. StartUp brings you through what it’s like to start a small business – as it’s happening. The first season of the podcast is host (and former This American Life producer) Alex Blumberg’s own personal account of the ups and downs he experiences as he tries to get his new podcast company, Gimlet, off the ground. The result is as entertaining as it is eye-opening, insightful and educational.

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