How To Write Better Job Descriptions

Do you know what is arguably the most important component of a job posting? The job title. That’s a conclusion I’ve reached after conducting research on thousands of job postings.

This may seem elementary, but it bears repeating: Before posting a job, you should have a clear idea of job titles in your industry and which job descriptions and qualifications they correspond to.

CareerBuilder’s Supply & Demand Portal is a great way to get more information about job titles. Once you’ve explored possible job titles, you can narrow it down to the one specific job title to use in your job posting.

4 Reasons You Should Pick Your Job Title Wisely

  1. Some job titles attract more applicants than others. Not all job titles are born equal. Generally speaking, the more specialized and highly skilled a job title is, the fewer candidates it attracts. That’s why you should be careful when picking your job title to ensure that it reflects your specific skill needs. And in case you think it’s a good idea to exaggerate your skill needs, think again — you may just end up with too few applicants.
  2. Job titles determine the types of applicants you’ll get. Different job titles attract applicants with different levels of education and experience — up to 80 percent, according to my research. That’s why it’s important to pick the right job title to get the type of candidate you want.
  3. Job titles determine applicants’ pay expectations. Job titles can almost entirely explain differences in compensation, according to my research. Typically, if a job pays more, it’s because it has a higher paying kind of a job title. Job seekers seem to know this and direct their search to their preferred job title, expecting a certain level of compensation to accompany such a job title. When picking a job title, make sure you’re willing and able to pay the going rate for that job title, otherwise you will risk disappointing candidates and failing to make a hire.
  4. Job titles determine your competition. Job titles influence compensation and job seekers’ expectations regarding compensation, right? My research shows that for a given job title, higher paying jobs attract not only a greater number of applicants, but also more qualified ones. Now think about your competitors. If you want to stand a chance against the competition and attract the best candidates, you should pick a job title where you can offer an above-average pay compared to your competitors.

Learn how to use keywords in job postings to attract more of the applicants you want.

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