Tips for Creating a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Recruiting Plan

Improve your diversity recruiting strategy with these helpful DE&I tips

Workplace diversity is a top demand from candidates in today’s job market and is more important than ever before. Businesses need to be prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) strategies into their company goals to attract the right talent. Implementing a successful diversity and recruitment strategy can ensure you are attracting the right people to create a more well-rounded team and is something that aligns with candidates' personal belief systems. This strategy supports an inclusive environment and is often part of a broader diversity and inclusion strategy within a company.

CareerBuilder partnered with research firm ClearlyRated to survey hundreds of staffing buyers and professionals on their views and experiences as it relates to DE&I, and the findings show how crucial DE&I work is:

  • 13% of respondents report witnessing discrimination, and that number is higher among non-white women and LGBTQ+ workers.
  • 14% of non-white employees believe they have been passed over for a promotion based on non-performance criteria, versus 8% of white employees.
  • Firms not committed to DE&I have much higher levels of dissatisfaction, which is a leading indicator of turnover.

Here are some tips to consider when creating or improving a diversity recruiting strategy of your own:

  • Identify your goal. First, decide what you want to achieve and quantify it. Gather the right data necessary to help you achieve this goal. Bonus points if you align with your business strategic goals. To assist with your research, CareerBuilder offers an effortless way to search demographic data on diversity using our Supply and Demand product, which is included in our Talent Discovery Platform

  • Add diverse hiring to recruitment policy. Make it official and add a direct policy with KPI’s for recruiters to follow to ensure the right candidates are making it to the finish line.
    • Did you know? CareerBuilder attracts more diverse job seekers that you will not find on other sites? Our candidate base is more diverse than the U.S. population empowering you to reach more than 80+ million unique and diverse U.S. job seekers.
  • Update ad language. Write your job ads to target the broader range of candidates identified in your goal. Be more inclusive to show you are not just in search of a certain demographic or experience level. Highlight your existing DE&I initiatives or culture. CareerBuilder’s Talent Discovery Platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assist you with writing diverse friendly content for your posts.
  • Update company website. Include images featuring diverse models that promote your products and services. Update your career page to include DE&I content.
  • Highlight diverse culture. Emphasize your diverse culture when reaching out to potential candidates. If a candidate you are reaching out to researches your company, you want to show that you are serious about the diverse culture you are offering.

  • Ask for referrals. Create an internal referral program urging your diverse employees to reach out to their networks.

  • Attend diversity job fairs. Participate in diverse specific job fairs in your area.

  • Create unique internships. Work with local universities to implement your own or team up with them on creating an internship program with DE&I options to targeted groups.

  • Improve interviewing. A few interviewing strategies tips include making sure that your hiring squad is diverse and includes a wide variety of positions and people. You can also try asking all candidates the same questions in the same order to assist in making unbiased decisions.

  • Implement blind hiring. Remove bias from your initial screening with blind hiring by hiding candidates’ personal information. Look into your HR resource tools for more details on using this feature.

These are just a few tips to get your company set up toward a great diversity recruiting plan. Learn more about how our Talent Discovery Platform can assist with your diversity recruiting goals. Request a demo, click here.

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