Let CareerBuilder take the heavy lifting out of your hiring events

November 30, 2022

A tight labor market. Fast-approaching holidays. Not enough hands to get candidates for your open roles in time? Let CareerBuilder assist you with our Hiring Events packages. 

With CareerBuilder Hiring Events, we execute all applicant sourcing, pre-qualifying, and interview scheduling – allowing you to focus on hiring the right candidates right now.

How do they work? You pick the event date and time, the place, and the people you’re interested in interviewing. Then, CareerBuilder creates and deploys:

•    A custom-built landing page for enhanced employer branding, streamlined, processes, and auto-scheduling
•    A comprehensive recruitment campaign leveraging CareerBuilder and our partners
•    Targeted sourcing emails to promote the event
•    Phone, text, and email reminders to all registered candidates the day before and the day of the event

Additional benefits include:

•    Clients have full ownership of candidate registrants to use for additional pre-engagement outreach and re-engagement post-event
•    Dedicated project management and customer service support to ensure a successful event
•    On-demand reporting highlighting candidate details, resumes, and notes from the event, all of which are available to download as a .csv file after the event

CareerBuilder Hiring Events will increase your event ROI, exposure, and applicant flow by 300% -- while elevating your employer brand to qualified candidates. 

Discover why more than 10,000 clients have trusted CareerBuilder Hiring Events and our sourcing solutions to help you seamlessly connect with and hire the talent your organization needs to succeed. 

Click here to learn more and request information today!

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