Hire more diverse candidates with these 3 tips

January 26, 2021

Part of ensuring your talent acquisition is successful is optimizing it with diverse hiring practices. Last year brought a renewed focus toward diversity and inclusion initiatives, and as you look to maintain that level of prioritization in 2021, you need to evaluate every step of your process. 

One crucial step to focus on? Sourcing. Where your jobs are distributed – job boards, professional groups, colleges – can have a major impact on the type of applicants you receive. To tackle this important (but sometimes vague) topic, here are three things to consider when evaluating job distribution and sourcing

You should know as much as you can about your applicants. 

Not only to maximize ROI on your talent acquisition tools, but also to understand how candidates find your jobs, to understand if they are the right candidates you want and to know how to connect with them. Use tools for reporting about the job boards your listing is being posted to, as well as the performance of those posts. Gathering the right candidate data should lead to identifying areas of opportunity to more effectively reach your hiring goals. 

You should have an easy way to manage your community outreach efforts. 

Do you partner with community organizations to hire, place or mentor workers? Do you regularly work with employment offices, agencies or other groups to share information about your jobs? Are you planning to work with more groups like these in 2021? You need a simple strategy to maintain those partnerships, add new ones and share jobs effectively to meet your diversity and inclusion goals. 

For example, with your CareerBuilder platform, you can add your current partnerships, track success and maintain contacts, and build relationships with organizations that are more than just niche job boards. Our job distribution capabilities connect you with, say, veterans groups who offer career counseling as well as a job board populated by employers like you. 

Automate posting to and sharing with diverse job boards, groups and offices. 

Piggybacking off the point above, as you’re building your community outreach to source more diverse candidates, you need a streamlined way to reach them. 

Many companies (maybe even yours) distribute roles to state unemployment job boards or share open jobs with brick-and-mortar unemployment offices. Utilize hiring tools that automate this process for you while also finding new opportunities to reach more candidates in specific demographic groups.  

Comprehensive, automated sourcing efforts will simplify your hiring strategy, drive candidates to your jobs and improve applicant quality – giving you the in-depth knowledge you need for successful diversity initiatives. 

Learn more about our job distribution tool, and keep reading for how to improve candidate sourcing to build more inclusive teams

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