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You told us you needed a solution that reduced time-to-hire and made you more productive. So we combined 25 years of recruitment data and industry-leading AI to deliver the next generation of TDP. This enhanced version streamlines recruiting, reduces time to hire by 32% and makes searching for candidates 50% more efficient. 

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Centralized, configurable recruiting hub

TDP is now a configurable one-stop shop that you can arrange to work for you. From one screen, you’ll see open jobs, your candidates and applicants and your email campaigns and saved searches, eliminating the need to go back and forth between pages. Plus, widgets at the top of the page make navigation faster and easier.

  • Recruiting Activities highlights activity in the last 48 hours including new applicants, candidate matches and new results for saved searches. Think of it as a built-in cheat sheet so you never miss an update.
  • Active Jobs shows your open job postings, new applicants and matches. Easily access a candidate’s profile and resume, preview your job posting, access relevant labor insights data and see candidate demographics.
  • The Saved Searches widget lets you easily create custom saved searches and set up emails to get daily updates that automate your search.
  • Email Campaigns is where you can manage your email campaigns and see analytics to determine how they’re doing.

AI Job Posting

Posting a job is easier than ever. The AI Job Posting tool creates a precise, compelling job description with just 3 pieces of information—your company name, the job title and location—so you can post the job up to 5X faster, putting more hours back in your day. AI job descriptions are based on over 2 billion data points and promote diversity in hiring by using tone- and gender-neutral terminology.

For each job you post, you’re shown a Candidate Appeal Score—a measure of how effective the post will be at attracting candidates—and recommendations for boosting the appeal to increase EOI by up to 175%. You’ll also see a map of local competitors’ jobs and how much they’re paying, plus a view of candidate matches before you even post a job, so you can make adjustments before it goes live.

Labor Market Insights

Labor insights show you how easy or difficult it will be to attract top talent to your positions, which geographic areas will deliver the most candidates and how much the competition is paying for a similar role in the same area. It helps you understand the competitive landscape so you can make smarter recruiting decisions.


Searching is easier than ever. You can hover over a candidate for a quick look at their info, click to see their resume and easily navigate through the list of candidates using arrow keys. Commonly used search filters are at the top of the page for quick reference. You can now exclude candidates you or your team have already viewed, emailed, forwarded or added to a list, and hide candidates you don’t want to see again. Candidate freshness can be toggled between when candidates were last active on CareerBuilder or when they last updated their resume. And to search more easily, you can turn on semantic search to automatically add related keywords as you search, so you don’t miss out on any candidates because of keyword choice.

Two-Way Messaging and Email Campaigns

Once you’ve selected candidates, you can message up to 10 at a time via our messaging center. Two-way messages are more conversational and concise and are designed to obtain higher response rates than traditional emails. Messages can be sent to anyone in the database. You can also contact up to 10,000 people in your My Candidates section simultaneously with TDP’s email campaigns. Your email campaigns now also show you metrics like response, click-through, open and deliverable rates, so you can evaluate your campaign performance and target candidates that are engaging with your emails. You can also create message templates to save you time.

Recruiter Analytics

We’ve added more insights into our analytics dashboard so you can see how our data, AI and tools are working for you. You also get a better view of your actions on the platform so you can invest more time into what’s working best.

TDP Companion App

And because we know everyone is on the go, we created the TDP companion app to make it easy to recruit on mobile, whether you’re in line at the grocery store, waiting to pick up some coffee or waiting for that conference room at work to open up.


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