3 Reasons Why You Should Use CareerBuilder Apply For Your Job Postings

November 28, 2016

If you don’t use CareerBuilder Apply — a simple path that keeps candidates on the CareerBuilder platform throughout the entire application process — for your job postings, you’re missing out, plain and simple. That’s because there’s a bigger pool of candidates to tap into when you use CareerBuilder Apply versus using external apply. And who doesn’t want more qualified candidates to choose from?

The CareerBuilder Apply feature doesn’t just benefit you — in terms of the increase in the number of applications it generates — but its ease of use also benefits job seekers. This built-in feature makes it easy for job seekers to apply in fewer steps, and we see about three times the number of applications with the CareerBuilder Apply path.

What You Will Gain With CareerBuilder Apply

You will see less drop-off: Did you know you’re losing at least 60 percent of candidates by not using CareerBuilder Apply? When a candidate leaves CareerBuilder and moves over to the client’s ATS, it often results in a 60-80 percent drop-off rate. Furthermore, there may be additional drop-off of mobile users who do not complete the process. You will experience significantly less drop-off in the application process by removing the external apply path, which means it could potentially result in more applications. How many more, you ask? We typically see 3-5 times the number of applications when our clients choose the CareerBuilder Apply path.

You will be able to get consistent data: Expression of Interest, or EOI, is synonymous with the number of applications candidates submit through CareerBuilder. CareerBuilder counts and reports EOI at different points in the application process, but because there is significant drop-off when candidates move over to your ATS, the numbers you receive are typically less than initially reported. With CareerBuilder Apply, you don’t have to worry about changing data sets because our data will match your ATS data within a given timeframe.

You will greatly enhance the candidate experience. When you don’t use CareerBuilder Apply and instead direct candidates to their own ATS, they don’t have the opportunity to take advantage of various other benefits, including recommendation emails, mobile applications as well as the quick apply feature, which allows job seekers to quickly apply on CareerBuilder with their saved resume. Plus, your application process on CareerBuilder jobs will use the CareerBuilder Apply path, which is optimized for mobile devices.

Ready to Switch? When you direct candidates off the CareerBuilder platform into an ATS, you do not get the benefit of the additional advantages listed above.

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