It’s Not Too Late: Sign Up to Host #FindYourCallingDay Event

March 2, 2017 Debra Auerbach

#FindYourCallingDay event

When thinking about their future, students look to parents, teachers and advisers for guidance and inspiration.

That’s why we’re asking for your help during Find Your Calling Month, a special time when students across the U.S. come together and use the Find Your Calling assessment to discover careers they love and plan the necessary education.

Host a #FindYourCallingDay Event
Here’s how you can help: Host a #FindYourCallingDay event any day this month at your place of business, your children’s school or another similar location.

During the one- to two-hour event, you’ll speak with students about the importance of discovering the careers they love through programs like Find Your Calling. Then, you’ll invite students to take the Find Your Calling questionnaire, explore relevant careers and identify schools with programs that align with their interests.

Read about how one host made an impact during his #FindYourCallingDay event

Sound Complicated? It’s Not!
Hosting a #FindYourCallingDay gathering is super easy – we promise. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link to a free training webinar, along with all of the promotional materials you’ll need to prep for, promote and execute a successful event.

Learn more or simply sign up now to host a #FindYourCallingDay event in your area.


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