Most common post-military industries and roles

Thousands of people transition out of the military and into civilian life each year. One of the top priorities (and sources of anxiety) for these folks? Employment. Matching military skills to a corporate world can be daunting, for both sides of the equation. 

Certain industries have been found to offer an easier transition for veterans, primarily because of a more obvious through-line to the skills someone mastered. And specific job titles or a type of role can easily attract former military members and keep them happily employed. 

5 industries that can be natural fits for veterans 

According to this survey, these are the best careers for those leaving the military. These fields account for college degree versus not, and they promote the skills that veterans have acquired and honed throughout their service. These five industries stood out as particularly relevant in 2020, based on what’s growing or has remained stable during the pandemic. 

  1. Healthcare. Not only does this align with a veteran’s likely interest in serving others, hospitals and other health offices run on strict processes with clear responsibilities and a heavy focus on teamwork. 
  2. Government. The main draw here, again, is the sense of contributing to something bigger than yourself. Plus, there are similar benefits – like for retirement – and it’s an easy transition to make. 
  3. Technology. This industry is known for well-paying jobs that allow for growth, which means a veteran who might have served in a tech capacity in the military could easily transition their skills to new roles. Typically, tech jobs also require a good grasp of logistics, another skill gained in the service. 
  4. Financial services. Another well-paying industry that is ripe with learning opportunities. This industry has stayed pretty stable throughout the pandemic.   
  5. Manufacturing, transportation and warehousing. All three of these have been essential industries throughout the pandemic and can be great opportunities for veterans without a college degree. 

Popular jobs for veterans, based on someone’s skills 

Across industries, these types of roles can be great matches for former military members. Many of the skills required for these roles are learned throughout someone’s time in the service, and your teams should be open to offering professional development and training to mold these workers. 

  • Operations, logistics and systems. Jobs might include hospital operations and logistics, systems engineering or other operational functions.  
  • Research and analysis. Consider veterans for roles like medical research, government program analysis, information security specialists or data analysts. 
  • Administrative. Every industry needs administrative workers – they are often the backbone of successful teams. The military gives individuals an eye for detail, creates a habit of discipline and promotes organization. These skills are crucial for administrative roles that handle data, records and other sensitive information. 
  • Project management. From actual project management titles to quality assurance managers or contract management specialists, a veteran applicant has skills to keep projects moving, stay organized and bring the team together. 

Overall, veterans bring soft and technical skills to the table, as well as another diverse perspective for your team. 

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