How to use AI for storing applicant information

How to use AI for storing applicant information

Sometimes candidates might not be the right fit for an advertised role but might be the perfect individual for a future role. This is where storing applicant information comes into play, as it allows recruiters to store an individual's data to retrieve later for different roles. Technology can now help with the ability to store and retrieve candidate information with artificial intelligence. This can speed up the hiring process and improve applicant tracking as people make their way down the hiring funnel. Keep reading to learn more about this technology and how CareerBuilder can help.

Why store candidate information?

Rather than starting each new candidate search fresh, many companies store previous applicants' information for retrieval later. These tools are typically referred to as applicant tracking systems or ATS software. This means you have a list of potential candidates even before advertising the role on different job boards.

Some companies might store basic candidate information, such as the person's name, contact information, and resume. Others might take it a step further and capture information about resume specifics, any information learned from the last interview process, and even candidate scores. As this process is typically completed digitally already, many companies are turning to AI to complete the task for them.

What are AI applicant tracking systems?

Like other ATS software, AI programs can perform a wide variety of automated tasks. Because there are several different tasks that AI can complete, you can choose the level of AI integration incorporated into your information-storing process. Here are some of the different tasks AI ATS software can complete.

Resume parsing

Previously, ATS software was only able to search through candidate resumes for specific keywords. While this does help to narrow down a list of potential candidates, not everyone includes the right keywords on their resume. This potentially means losing the perfect candidate simply because they didn't optimize their resume to include highly specific keywords.

With AI-powered ATS software, you can sort through resumes without relying on just keywords to find your top-tier candidates. While this tool might require more initial information than other ATS tools, the benefit is that you can find quality hires that might have been previously overlooked.

Candidate communication

Communication and ATS software used to be two separate things, often requiring team members to schedule time to interact with candidates and update them regarding their applications. With AI, many tools work in conjunction with customer relations management tools, automating the communication process. The benefit of communicating through AI ATS software is that past exchanges can be brought up, ultimately enhancing a candidate's interview experience, as they don't have to repeat themselves.

Automated candidate sourcing

Having a database of past candidates at your disposal when new job openings come around is great if you can use it. Having AI retrieve candidate information from this database means a list of potential candidates gets generated faster. This allows your hiring team to start contacting candidates sooner. Having a quality list already might also mean that your team doesn't have to advertise the role across dozens of job boards, saving the company time and money.

Efficient candidate tracking

Because many AI ATS tools combine ATS software with CRM software, it's simple to track candidates as they progress through the various interview stages. This tool can provide real-time insight into a candidate's progress and provide valuable information about job postings, applications, and openings as well.

"Technology can now help with the ability to store and retrieve candidate information with artificial intelligence."

Benefits of using AI for storing application information

Using AI for any stage of the hiring process can improve efficiency and timeliness. Here are some other benefits you and your team might enjoy upon implementing AI ATS software:

  • Improved candidate communication: Many AI ATS tools have CRM integrations, making it simpler to share information with candidates. It also makes it easier for candidates to communicate with the company and provides a more positive candidate experience.
  • Enhanced productivity: Since many of the previously tedious information storage and retrieval tasks are now automated, employees have more time for other duties. This can increase productivity, as they now have a more balanced workflow and fewer tasks to complete.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: Repetitive tasks often cause frustration and can diminish morale and overall job satisfaction for your hiring team. Automating these types of tasks can have the opposite effect, boosting employee satisfaction, morale, and even company loyalty.

Tips for storing application information with AI

ATS software and related AI-powered tools have several features that help you and your hiring team get the most out of the tool. Here are some tips to consider when tracking and storing information with AI.

Use simple tools

Ensuring that your AI ATS tool is straightforward for desktop, mobile, tablet, and other users can increase the likelihood of them completing an application. Keeping it simple for your recruiting or HR team can increase the chances of the team adopting this change quickly. For applicants, navigating multiple screens to load and enter their information more than once can be tedious, as they are often applying to many different roles with multiple companies. Having more steps in the initial process increases the chances of talent abandoning the application process.

Keep candidates engaged

Once candidates press submit on their application, it shouldn't be a hands-off process. They want to be involved, and finding ways to interact, engage, and update them about their application can have a drastic impact on their experience. Candidates who don't hear from a company after submitting their application might be discouraged from applying to the company in the future or responding to interview requests.

Personalize where you can

Just because a process is automated doesn't mean you can't customize part of it. This can help candidates feel more engaged and less like their resume is running through the application process with AI alone. Finding moments to check in or even personalizing an email signature can make a world of difference when it comes to automating the hiring process.

Do your research

Different tools offer different features, with some offering package deals. This can result in your company paying for features that the hiring team doesn't even use. Finding a resource that has several different tools, such as those offered by CareerBuilder, helps your team choose what they want to incorporate. Reviewing company whitepapers that discuss AI technology also provides valuable insight into how their tools can solve your company's hiring pinch points. For example, CareerBuilder offers AI tools such as:

  • Job descriptions: Part of attracting talent is having quality job descriptions. This tool writes and optimizes AI descriptions, saving your team time and money.
  • Skills matching: This tool helps candidates discover future possibilities by matching their skills to different roles. This means that when candidates reach out to these companies, they already have many of the qualifications and skills the company wants.
  • Search and match: Even if candidates don't use the skills matching tool, companies that use the search and match tool can still get highly relevant candidates for advertised roles. This tool helps to deliver more relevant candidates and reduces the time to hire.

AI is a valuable tool that can enhance any hiring process. One way to take advantage of this technology is by using AI to store applicant information. Researching and thinking about how much you want AI to take over can help you get the most out of your AI tools and streamline your hiring process.

More tips for using AI for storing job application information

One issue that AI helps resolve is potential bias in the hiring process. There are several other methods to consider to reduce bias in your company's hiring strategy.

AI ATS software builds on your hiring strategy, meaning it's crucial to have an effective hiring process to work with. Exploring how to create an effective hiring procedure can set you up for success when integrating AI.

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