Hiring in response to coronavirus

This is an uncertain time for many industries and businesses. Restrictions to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus have upended the ways many people get from one day to the next – and changed consumer behavior in the process. 

This supply and demand imbalance means some industries are rapidly shrinking (or have temporarily halted), while others are experiencing explosive growth to keep our economy moving.  

To meet needs, companies are looking for ways to hire great people – fast.  

Stay positive 
Roles in growing industries such as manufacturing, logistics (truck drivers and delivery workers), and healthcare are helping people stay happy and healthy at home, or directly contributing to patient recovery. These workers are maintaining our economy and providing essential services as COVID-19 alters everyday activities. Focus on these aspects in your recruitment process and in job descriptions, and connect the dots for potential new hires on the ways your company is positively responding to the pandemic or reducing the impact of the coronavirus. 

Show you care 
Right now, workers are majorly concerned with how employers are protecting and prioritizing the health of their teams. To win big with potential candidates, share how your company is handling physical distancing, hygiene practices and general support for employees during this response. Being transparent in the beginning demonstrates you invest in and care about the well-being of your workers, putting you at the top of a job seeker’s list. 

Get creative in how you reach new candidates 
Your next great hire might not be from the same industry you normally source from or serve. Prioritize transferable skills – such as logistics, sanitation or customer service – and think about how the role you’re hiring for can get on their radar. Consider how skills in industries that have been hit hard by the impact of coronavirus could benefit your team. If someone was recently employed as a server, they might not immediately consider jobs in a call center or as a loan processor at a bank – roles that are just as customer-focused as their previous gig. Whether your job description overtly targets these individuals, or you share openings with partners in hard-hit sectors, widen your sourcing scope to find perfectly skilled candidates. 

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