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After two years of virtual interactions, hiring managers and candidates are embracing the return of in-person hiring events. And they are happening not a moment too soon since recent Labor Department data reflect one of the tightest labor markets ever. Millions of available jobs nationwide remain within a 3.6% unemployment rate.  

There is nothing like a face-to-face interaction to connect candidates and employers. Hiring events make it possible to convert candidates to employees onsite.  

This is unlike any market I’ve ever seen with the Great Resignation, so how employers are approaching their hires matters more than ever,” said Amy McNealy, CareerBuilder senior manager of talent acquisition. “In this time of the Great Rehire, hiring events expedite the interview process, providing a foundation to conduct interviews and extend offers on the spot.”   

This efficiency translates into hard numbers. CareerBuilder's Talent Acquisition Suite supercharges the hiring process, reducing employer costs per candidate by as much as half. Leveraging CareerBuilder tools in conjunction with a hiring event can bring in three times more applicants. Employers can also reduce cost per hire with CareerBuilder's managed hiring event model – a proprietary, customized microsite technology that allows for automated application, scheduling, and reporting. This model can increase event return on investment, exposure, and applicant flow by 300%. It is cost-effective and delivers screened candidates for a fraction of the price of a staffing agency. Plus, there is no limit on hires.

“The goal is to win the most desirable candidates because your five competitors in the area have the same jobs at their place,” said McNealy. “An in-person event helps you stand out, especially now when we are seeing companies get very creative to attract candidates.”   

CareerBuilder resources include utilizing job postings, recruitment email campaigns, display advertising, and talent network. The process is fully automated to ensure candidates experience a seamless application process from the start. 

We use what we call knock-out questions to filter invitations to candidates, which are designed to eliminate unqualified candidates from the pool of interviewees and narrow the field only to desirable candidates who meet minimum requirements,” said McNealy.  

CareerBuilder teams take a consultative approach, learning about a company’s requirements to qualify candidates in a custom screening process. Employers can attract more candidates and increase response to advertised positions, streamlining procedures from screening to hire. 

Most companies do not have the bandwidth to engage candidates -- and keep them engaged -- with communications throughout their journey,” said McNealy. “There is a time-saving benefit for CareerBuilder employers who work with us, including hosting hiring events, because otherwise an internal recruitment team must manage the entire pipeline of candidates.”  

Recruiters’ time at hiring events is better spent connecting and getting to know job seekers. McNealy suggests the following tips for making the most of your next hiring event. 

In-person events trump virtual and chat events.  

It is tempting to stick with virtual hiring events, especially since chat and Zoom interviews continue to play a valuable role. However, there is an estimated 50% higher interview-to-hire ratio for in-person events. Getting people onsite and pulling them through the process shows them where they will work, allowing candidates to picture themselves working for those companies. 

Scale hiring events according to space and be hospitable.  

Some locations cannot accommodate large hiring events, which can range from 25 to 150 candidates in a day. Allot enough time for interviewers to connect with job seekers, and make sure enough people are onsite to manage the flow and direct candidates.  

Staff hiring events with managers who have decision-making capabilities.  

Hiring events allow for moving candidates to offer on the spot. If candidates must meet with multiple people, make the process efficient. Schedule interviews to be consecutive to reduce candidates’ waiting time between interviews. 

Make it a welcoming environment.  

Be flexible to include weekends and after work interview times for job seekers who may be working other jobs. Provide refreshments, including water and Wi-Fi. Set up an area for candidates to take a break from multiple interviews, and provide company branded giveaways such as t-shirts or mugs to thank candidates for attending.  

Provide detailed information in interview confirmations.  

Tell job seekers how much time they need to allocate to park, which door to enter, and other logistical information. The last thing you want at a hiring event is a phone call from a candidate not knowing where to go. 

Tools that can expedite the hiring process for employers who use CareerBuilder include: 

  • Custom built landing page for enhanced employer branding, streamlined process, and auto-scheduling  
  • Comprehensive recruitment campaigns  
  • Event promotions with targeted sourcing emails   
  • Broad communications to registered candidates prior to and the day of the event by phone, text, and email 
  • Self check-in software to capture information about all hiring event attendees  
  • Full ownership of candidate registrants for re-engagement after the event 
  • Dedicated project management and customer service support   
  • On-demand reporting of candidate pre-registration details and candidate data, resumes, and notes from the event to download to a CSV file after the event   

Whether the goal is to attract candidates to virtual or in-person events, CareerBuilder’s team of experts can help launch, promote, and manage them. Other benefits include comprehensive paid media for both CareerBuilder and external sources, including dozens of other job boards, social media sites, trade associations, and paid display/search media such as Google and Bing. Our dedicated project management support assists with site modification requests and live support during the event.  

Hiring events do more than engage candidates. They convert candidates to applicants and open positions to offers. 

Contact us today to find out how we can maximize your next hiring event to reach its full potential.

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