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Hiring feels broken. One employer we spoke with recently called it a “nightmare.” Millions of jobs await, but there just aren’t enough applicants to fill the open positions. To compete for talent, some large employers have gobbled up the market and driven up the cost of hiring, even offering iPhones and other sign-on bonuses to folks who come work there. What gives? Hesitation surrounding COVID is part of it, and with wages increasing, many people no longer need to work multiple jobs, thus leaving those roles open. However, the biggest challenge (and opportunity!) we’re seeing is the skills gap (more on that in a bit) and what economists are calling “reallocation friction”.  

But CareerBuilder was made for this moment.

We’ve spent the last 25 years leading the industry from newspaper classifieds to one-click apply, and we know a thing or two about talent acquisition, what makes a great job posting and why job seekers abandon the hiring process. That’s why we’re leading the charge in turning this turbulent market into opportunities — for American workers and the businesses that hire them.  

We were the first to market in partnership with Google to elevate jobs within the Google search experience. 

We were the first to market in partnership with Facebook to elevate jobs within the Facebook marketplace. 

We’re always one step ahead when it comes to connecting you to candidates.   

And now – drumroll, please – CareerBuilder has partnered with Workday to more seamlessly connect employers with job seekers.

No need to shuffle between sites anymore – Workday clients can now post jobs on and track applicants all within Workday. Over on, candidates can use our one-click Easy Apply feature, eliminating what is often a tedious 10- or 15-step process that can mean up to 90% drop off. What this all adds up to is even more applicants, as seen in early client results. 

“Despite the unprecedented hiring conditions, what we’re actually seeing right now is that job seekers are showing up, they’re just not checking out.” Leigh-Margaret Stull, Chief Operating Officer at CareerBuilder. 

This integrated partnership changes that. 

Customers are already seeing great results. Reddy Ice went from five applicants per day to 201. A large retailer saw a whopping 1,840% increase in applications. 

Jumpstarting the number of applications you receive is one part of a broader solution to the current hiring crunch. 

Re-examining your strategy is essential to recruiting talent right now. 

That’s why we can’t emphasize skills enough.

Some of the wisest managers we know hire based on skills – and have for decades. No college degree? No problem. As long as a candidate can do basic math, knows English and has people skills, they can work as a bank teller, for instance. Need a certified welder? Ask yourself: is that a skill you can teach and/or outsource? The reality is you may not have much choice. Your next great employee is out there; they just don't have the narrow credentials you think you require. And it’s a two-way street, of course, which is why we’re also working with job seekers to help them showcase all the skills they may not even realize they have.  

If you’re still feeling stuck, or maybe your brand doesn’t have a lot of recognition yet, it helps to get back to the basics: employee benefits and workplace culture.

As Millennials grow into leadership roles and Gen Z ushers in a new era, values like diversity, equity and inclusion are extremely important, as are work-from-home preferences. If you can’t offer work from home or are hiring for a late shift (such as nursing or trucking) or positions that require weekends and holidays (like, say, restaurant servers), your best leverage is pay. Consider what the open position is costing you, and assess the value in offering above your competitors – which in this climate includes nearly everyone in every industry. You’ll hire better candidates in a fraction of the time. 

It’s tough out there. Every employer and recruiter we’ve talked to lately has shared similar frustrations. But tweaks to your strategy and investing in the right tools will set up your team to come out of this moment stronger. The complicated application process is a thing of the past, and CareerBuilder is not only meeting the challenges of today but anticipating those of tomorrow. 

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