CareerBuilder winter 2020 release: new features with clients in mind

Building upon a successful Fall Release of the next-gen Talent Discovery Platform (TDP), CareerBuilder has released several new features in the platform for winter. Released February 13, 2020, the new features have been developed with the user in mind, helping our clients better utilize the tool in order to get more quality candidates, faster.

New widgets further customize user experience
More widgets give you quick access to the features you use most often ­-- right on your homepage. Additional widget options include:

  1. Lists: Manage candidates by creating lists based on date, role to fill, etc. Lists also keep track of new and messaged candidates, so recruiters don’t have to.
  2. ROI Summary: No more digging to find analytics. View and access ROI Summary directly from the widget, giving every member of the team transparency into their performance.  
  3. Active Jobs: Learn more about active jobs by utilizing filters at the top of the list. You can also review hiring analytics to make better informed hiring decisions.
  4. Jobs Template and Draft Jobs: Create, edit and delete job templates and draft jobs quickly and easily.

AI job postings give you more insight to attract more candidates
AI Job Posting now guides users throughout the posting process by providing tips on how to achieve a perfect Candidate Appeal Score. Clients can also see how their posting stacks up to the competition by showing similar jobs, as well as salaries offered.  

CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking (CBAT) System Updates
CBAT has also been enhanced to allow U.S. recruiters to send and receive text messages to candidates within CBAT. Candidate responses will be stored directly within CBAT.

Want to know more? Contact your CareerBuilder representative if you have any questions about these updates. 

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