The Future of HR is Here: Using an AI-powered App to Hire and Be Hired

Debra Auerbach

What if you could get real-time supply and demand trends for talent you need, instant job descriptions built just for you, and automatic matching of your job openings to candidates most likely to respond – all in the palm of your hand?

CareerBuilder is building an app, based off of their award-winning recruitment platform Talent Discovery, that will do all of that – and more.

The Talent Discovery Companion App will offer:

  • Consultative Intake: Recruiters can be more consultative with hiring managers with an intake tool that features sample resumes of potential candidates and real-time data on supply and demand ratios for desired talent, top markets to find candidates, top competitors and compensation ranges.
  • AI Job Description Building: Leveraging data collected, parsed and normalized from more than 2.3 million jobs, the tool can automatically build a job description when recruiters simply enter a job title. The tool will even account for nuances based on the industry and location.
  • Centralized Candidate Search: Recruiters can view details on all current and past candidates from CareerBuilder products and their ATS in one place, and can export candidates from CareerBuilder's system into their ATS.
  • AI Matching: AI and machine learning technology automatically matches job openings with qualified candidates, zeroing in on candidates who are the most likely to respond based on various signals. Recruiters can also take advantage of semantic search technology that shows related, customizable search terms.
  • Campaign Management & Analytics: Whether it's a fully-branded, customized email or text, recruiters can easily create and send messages to an entire audience of potential candidates. Recruiters can also see in real-time which candidates interacted with their communications and can see how they stack up against competitors in terms of recruiting activity for specific roles.

New AI and Augmented Reality App for Job Seekers
CareerBuilder is also currently rolling out new features to its consumer app that will change the way candidates search for jobs. These new features include AI-powered resume building in under a minute, job search with augmented reality, hyper-localized job search, and automatic alerts that proactively inform job seekers when their resume has be viewed – and by which company.

Want to Learn More? View of a Demo of the Job Seeker App Here.  




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