Workers Say it’s Time to Move Past 9-5

Ladan Nikravan Hayes

There was a time when working 9 to 5 was the dominant model of a days work, but according to new CareerBuilder research, that may no longer be the case. Sixty-three percent of workers say they believe working 9 to 5 is an antiquated practice, and 88 percent think start and end times should be flexible.

What Can You Do?

Employers are concerned about acquiring and retaining great talent, and one way you can do that is by offering flexibility and making changes to how and when employees report to work. This could mean working remotely, telecommuting some of the time, part-time or freelance work or an alternative work schedule. These options help an employee’s quality of life, productivity and can boost loyalty with the employer.

To help employees manage their responsibilities while also maintaining flexible hours, offer these three strategies that will help employees plan their work life, get projects completed and strive for a sense of work-life balance:

  • Know the rules: Even in a flexible environment, there are rules. It could be that you’re given free rein in terms of when you arrive and when you leave, or, there may be ranges of time when your employer expects you to be in. Make sure you’re aware of what’s expected and stay within those boundaries.
  • Get into a rhythm: Others on the team will undoubtedly need to know when you’re coming or going. Maybe Mondays you’re in early and out early, and Fridays you arrive later than usual to get an early morning workout in. Make it easy for your team to know when they can drop by your desk and chat about the latest project.
  • Remember that deliverables come first: Make sure you know what you’re expected to deliver and when. Enjoying the freedom of self-scheduling works best when you assure your boss the work will get done on time and as committed.

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