Workers are finding jobs that actually work for them

Today's labor market is lopsided in all kinds of ways. We've all watched the pandemic change workplace norms, shift consumer habits and alter employer needs, widening all kinds of gaps — skills, wealth and the space between perceived and actual ideas of success. Workers of all stripes have reassessed their priorities, and today they want things like decent pay, time with their family, or to simply take a break here and there. They want to feel appreciated, valued and understood. And some are just really over that one co-worker who heats up tilapia in the break room — and they need a new gig.

We’re seeing this labor market mismatch play out on the CareerBuilder job platform daily. Retail, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing — the list of in-demand industries goes on. But CareerBuilder was made for this moment. Our tools are helping candidates connect with work that fulfils their whole person. And we're helping you attract workers who will thrive individually so that your company can succeed collectively.

You’ve probably noticed us more lately. You’ve seen us on TV, you’ve heard us on the radio. We're taking a moment to remind job seekers and employers: We’re here for you, so let’s job it up.

Whether that's through our strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Workday that make it easier for candidates to apply and simplifies the hiring process, AI skills-matching tools that show candidates new career paths and grow your candidate pool, automated job boosts that deliver more applicants, or supply-and-demand labor market data that show what a competitive wage looks like, we’re helping guide candidates and hiring managers along the journey from job descriptions to onboarding.

The old ways of simply posting a job and waiting for qualified applicants no longer apply, and tools like automation should support, not substitute, human interaction. Here’s how to hire successfully — now and in the future.

Offering competitive pay

We see a lot of job postings promote “competitive pay.” But job seekers don’t know what that means, so tell them upfront in your job posting. And do some research to know that what you’re offering is actually competitive.

Implementing flexible schedules

Many job seekers want to contribute collaboratively and independently, but they just don’t want to be tied to their desk all day if it’s not an efficient use of their time. And in case there’s any confusion, it’s always great to outline expectations in your employee handbook so your workers know what exactly you mean by “flexible.”

Supporting employees in their personal and professional pursuits

Whether it’s family leave or upskilling courses (or both!), the benefits game has evolved far beyond health care and a 401k. Job seekers don’t want benefits that they might someday realize — they want to feel the support throughout their career.

Engaging with candidates

Even if your company isn’t in a position to do any of the above, you can succeed by engaging with candidates. As tough as hiring has been lately, job seekers are exhausted too, and they want to hear from a human after they’ve taken the time to apply. Start by giving them a sense of your company culture in your job description – why would someone want to come work there? Make an effort to touch base throughout the process (and don’t let the process drag on), and let them know honestly and directly where they stand.

In the 25-plus years since CareerBuilder transformed an industry of newspaper classifieds with our data-driven talent acquisition marketplace, we’ve remained focused on our mission: empowering employment through personal success for all. We're here to celebrate workers, and we’re here to champion and guide the industries that hire and support them in all aspects of their lives.

Want to know how CareerBuilder is engaging and attracting candidates? Check out our new campaign, Let's Job It UpTM.

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