Hit the Ground Working: Winter Product Updates to Talent Discovery Platform


CareerBuilder recently updated several features within our award-winning Talent Discovery Platform, helping customers to hit the ground working this winter. These enhancements include improved search capabilities, increased accessibility, and deeper insights into the solution’s ROI.

These updates will roll out to clients beginning Jan. 31 and will continue rolling out through the end of the quarter. 

Details below:

TDP Companion Mobile App v1.0 (Beta): With CareerBuilder’s new app designed for iOS and Android, customers can start where they left off in the desktop application, allowing them to search and engage great candidates all from their mobile device.

Features include:

  • Candidate Search: Users can search using standard keywords and location, access their saved searches and recent searches, and filter and sort search results.
  • Candidate Details: Users can view the candidate's most recent resume, add notes, favorite a candidate, see their skills and add them to a list.
  • Candidate Communication: Users can click to call, click to text and click to email using the native phone capabilities.
  • List Management: The app includes basic list management capabilities, including the ability to view, search and sort My Lists, Shared Lists and Job Matched Lists. 

Advanced Search: With advanced search, recruiters now have more ways to start a search, allowing them to quickly find more of the right people, fast. The four new ways to search include: by candidate name, by company name, by job title and by additional locations.

Search Spotlights: Recruiters will now see up to five ‘spotlights’ in their search results. This enhancement reinforces sourcing best practices while providing recruiters with more context within each ‘spotlight’. This upgrade will also give recruiters more control over their desired workflow; for example, starting with past applicants or CareerBuilder candidates who possess a resume.

The specific buckets are placed from left to right in order of how likely candidates are to engage; they include: Applicants, ATS Candidates, Leads, Active Job Seekers and Social Profiles.

Common and Unique Filters: Users can now apply common filters across all of their search results or unique filters to specific data sets, providing an even better way to get to the best candidates quickly and easily.

Additionally, users can exclude data sets from search results, as well as exclude candidates who have received an email, who have been viewed or added to a list, or who have been engaged by a member of their team.

TDP ROI Summary v2: The updated ROI summary is designed to provide users with more insights into the ROI they’re receiving from their investment in Talent Discovery. Widgets were added to the current ROI Summary Analytics page:

  • Candidates Viewed and Talent Pipeline Widget: This widget shares data around Candidates Viewed vs. Delivered, Talent Pipeline, and Top Resume Views by Recruiters, giving customers a high-level snapshot of the solution’s ROI and allowing them to access this data at any time within their account.
  • User Panel Widget: This widget displays the users within your account who have access to the tool and the last time they were active in the platform.

ATS Sync Standard Release (Taleo Business and iCIMS): Customers of the Talent Discovery Platform who have Taleo Business or iCIMS as their ATS will receive a best-in-class integration between the two platforms, making it even easier to search and engage with their internal pipeline.

These customers can now search their ATS candidates from within Talent Discovery, view and filter by their specific ATS statuses, and push candidate profiles from Talent Discovery directly into their respective ATS, all without ever leaving the Talent Discovery interface.

Intercom Proof of Concept: Customers will now receive updates about new product features and announcements within the application, saving time and extra steps when encountering something new.

Want to learn more about what’s new? View our Talent Discovery Winter 2019 Release Updates Webinar

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