Where are all the qualified people?


It’s not just an HR pet-peeve – it’s a major time-waster when you post a new role and you’re met with volumes of unqualified candidate profiles to vet. Where are all the qualified people?
Unfortunately, your technology might be letting you down.
Yes, it’s a candidate’s market. Yes, top performers are likely already employed. Yes, the people you really want are probably not even looking for a new job right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t seek out these right-fit candidates, engage them, and finally, hire them. You just need your tech to work a little harder for you. Here’s how:


Let AI help you write a strategic job description
A strategic job posting can do wonders for weeding out unqualified candidates while attracting exemplary ones. While many HR professionals have an opinion on job description best practices, AI (artificial intelligence) has no opinions… just historical data on what works.
Our Talent Discovery Platform (TDP) uses patented AI that leverages more than 2 billion data points to help create an accurate job description that qualified candidates can see themselves in. It then offers you a Candidate Appeal Score so you can proactively measure how effective your overall post will be at attracting applicants. Taking it a step further, the Platform even provides suggestions for boosting that appeal score before you post your job.
Stop reading resumes that don’t match your requirements
There are a lot of candidates out there, but only a few may be what you're looking for. Whether you’re reviewing applicants who have responded to your job posting or searching for candidates before you post your vacancy, technology should ensure that you’re only ever spending your time assessing right-fit candidates. 
The Talent Discovery Platform uses advanced search to cast a wide but discerning net by connecting you to over 140 million resumes and social profiles and then distilling them down to just the ideal few. You simply set the requirements for the role you want to fill to see a real-time candidate count. As you click to add filters, such as years of experience and salary expectations, you’ll quickly end up with a pool of candidates that is genuinely right for your role.
Worried you might miss someone? Our technology combines Boolean and customizable semantic search to help ensure you don’t.
Communicate clearly… and often
HR leaders know from experience that every lapse in communication is an opportunity to lose high-caliber talent. A recent SilkRoad and CareerBuilder study revealed some truths about the value candidates place on communication:

  • 76% of respondents said they expect a personalized email from a prospective employer acknowledging receipt of an application
  • 68% believe their experience as a candidate reflects how the company treats its people
  • “Being left in the dark about where I stand as a candidate” was by far the top frustration for applicants

In order to maintain a quality candidate pool, connect with applicants quickly and stay in touch at regular intervals. HR technology should make communication fast, easy and effective. A feature to look for in HR tech is full functionality on desktop as well as mobile so you can stay connected to applicants when they are most likely to be available (outside of office hours). Best-in-class technology will facilitate a variety of ways to connect with candidates, including direct texts, e-mails or two-way messaging.
If you are sourcing passive candidates, communication is just as important. Our Talent Discovery Platform makes it easy to reach out to your short list – or up to as many as 10,000 candidates at a time – with a custom, branded message.
It may be time to evaluate your technology to see if it’s keeping up with the demands of a candidate-driven market.
Want to dig deeper? Watch a quick video to learn how the CareerBuilder Talent Discovery Platform makes it easy to stay in step with the current employment climate.

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